BNK tokens will be listed on HitBTC exchange this Monday!

Following the BNK token release on the Ethereum blockchain, Bankera is thrilled to announce that BNKs will be listed on HitBTCcryptocurrency exchange starting on Monday, 4th of June. The trading of BNK is expected to launch near 5 p.m. UTC. This is yet another step forward in Bankera’s roadmap towards becoming the bank for the blockchain era.

BNK tokens will be listed on HitBTC exchange

Why HitBTC

Our contributors asked for BNK tokens to be listed on external exchanges. We recognize that different trading platforms are convenient for different people. Thus, we have decided to list Banker token on the exchange that would make our tokens readily available to cryptocurrency traders across the world.

HitBTC is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the market with a daily trade volume of over 200 million USD and multi-currency support. There, BNK token will be paired with major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)  and a newly announced trading pair – Tether (USDT) while the price will be determined by the market participants – buyers and sellers.

Pairing BNK token with Tether USD (USDT)

Currently, Tether USD (USDT) is among the top 15th most popular cryptocurrencies (according to CoinMarketCap). Part of its popularity might be due to the fact that USDT is a cryptocurrency, commonly used as a reference to US dollar (Tether claims each USDT is backed by a US dollar on a 1:1 ratio). This feature has attracted not only a significant amount of traders but also of cryptocurrency exchangeplatforms, which frequently offer USDT as an alternative to USD. Pairing BNK token with USDT will give our token holders a wider choice when trading their assets.

What’s next

To provide our contributors with more freedom and liquidity we will be listing BNK tokens on other exchanges as well. When Bankers price stabilizes in HitBTC platform, BNK tokens will be added to SpectroCoin exchange. Simultaneously, Bankera’s team is working on developing its own cryptocurrency exchange platform to provide its community with a secure and cost-effective alternative to existing exchanges. To increase the demand for BNK tokens, BNK pairs will be free to trade on Bankera exchange.

We want to thank our community from the bottom of our hearts for the support shown since the very start of Bankera’s project. Next week, we will bring you more sizzling news, so stay tuned to our official channels and be the first to learn all of the hottest Bankera’s updates!

If you have further questions regarding BNK depositing and trading on HitBTC platform, please contact HitBTC support.

Official Blog Post: The Blockchain Platform That Helps To Monetize Cyberathletes Professional Advancement

gamer star.PNG

Introduction to GameStars

If you are going to invest in digital currency, then there are 50% 50% chances of risks and benefits. Now a days, cybersports is one of the rapidly growing market which is expected to increase 38% more than last year.

GameStars is an e-sport platform which gives opportunity to the cyberathletes to develop their own personal tournament, participate in different level of tournaments or to get investment for their professional work. The cyberathletes can attract the sponsors after forming a team on GameStars and they can also add new players at different ranks of the team.

This e-sport platform trusts only on its tokens. As token holders can do anything for the success of GST, so GST has high chances to grow in the world of cryptocurrency. At GameStars website normally 500 million tokens are available for purchase at token sale and the unsold tokens will be burnt at the end. So only those investors can get benefits who are smart enough to get GST in time.

GameStars is based on blockchain which is providing useful solutions to all members i.e. cyber athlete, investors advertisers and sponsors. It is safe from frauds and scams due to the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

How GameStars deal with Market issues?

Initial barrier for the beginners:

To qualify for a top tournament or to become a member of top team an intensive training is required. So, mostly millions of the beginners and intermediate players can not gain access to the tournaments which are available for top teams only.

Solution by GameStars:

GameStars gives an opportunity to cyberathlete to get prize money by providing them a chance to participate in various tournaments at different levels and also give them access to get necessary experience required for a tournament.

Problems faced by cyberathletes in funding:

If the professional training session of cyberathlete decide his success chances, then the teamwork, analysis of game and work on useful strategies can safe him from distraction. Professional e-sports require lots of funding for training, experienced coaching, good equipments and reliable team. Cyberathlete mostly spend 10 to 16 hours in their training which can affect their health, so they want special care to decrease the unwanted illness. They need funds to safe themselves from many distracting factors. But which source can help them to raise funding?

Solution provided by GameStars:

Through the cyberathlete initial coin offering process, GameStars is giving a wide range of function which will help cyberathlete to get funds for his professional development.

This platform also provides full access to the investors or sponsors to check potential of the athlete on the basis of statistics and analytical data.

Problem of non payments to the winner of the tournament:

A proper organized system of relation is needed between the players of the team and organizers to avoid the problem of non payment of prize money. There are some cases which has decreased the trust of the cyberathletes on the organizers because the players are left without any giving prize money in the end. At that time players were facing many problems because there was no clear way to approach the organizers, claim for the repayment obligation of prize money or to fulfill these obligations on time.

Solution provided by GameStars:

With the use of smart contracts, GameStars provides best solution to this problem. After the transfer of whole prize money to the smart contract, the prize winners get paid automatically when the tracing module send the match results.

Problem to organize a personal tournament:

Lots of money and time is required to organize a tournament. If 10 persons are involved to create a concept and plan an event then it takes 3 to 6 months to organize an average cycle of the tournament. But more than 300 people are required to hold the responsibilities of a large tournament. An investor or cyberathlete cannot organize a tournament alone.

Solution provided by GameStars:

You can organize your tournament by using GameStars effortlessly and quickly. The organizer of the tournament includes the experienced sponsors, players and GameStars platform.

Benefits of using GameStars due to smart contracts


The smart contracts codes are difficult to hack or replace due to decentralized storage of data.


The whole process of smart contracts is concluded automatically with great efficiency. No human resource is required for this process.


To conclude a smart contract, participants do not need any third party.


The public appearance of the logic of smart contract operations allows all participants included in the process to check it anytime.


After the code of smart contract is published in the blockchain, you cannot change it. The loss of data or any change to the logic of operation is not possible. You have to clear mathematical algorithms to operate the procedure.

Types of token you can use on GameStars platform:

Two types of tokens can be used on the platform of GameStars

Gamestars # token # (GST token):

Within the system, GST token is the primary source of payment for settlement. On the Ethereum platform it is considered as ERC20 standard token and 500 million GST tokens can be issued at one time. It helps to increase funds for the development of the platform.

Personal token of cyberathlete:

A personal smart contract of cyberathlete can be created after the emission of series of individual tokens which promotes the sharing of this cyberathlete earning. On the Ethereum platform, it is taken as ERC20 standard token with additional functions. For each cyberathlete 100 personal tokens can be issued at one time. It helps to increase the funding for professional growth of cyberathlete.

Advantages for the GameStars participants


By taking part in different tournaments or after selling personal tokens, the cyber athletes can make money through GameStars. The raised funds can be used for professional development or tournament participation fees.

Advertisers or sponsors:

It helps the advertising companies to choose a player, team or event which is suitable for the promotion of their product or brand. It allows the sponsors to invest in a potential cyberathlete and get profit.

Team manager:

Team manager can create a team, search for new players or increase the funding for tournament participation by using GameStars.


After purchasing the GST tokens from token sale, investors and professional traders can make money after trading them at higher prices at various exchanges.


On the basis of people who are getting attracted towards e-sports, we can predict that GameStars has an amazing potential in the market. This platform is providing opportunities to the new or experienced cyberathletes to get funding for their professional growth. To convert the investment process into honest, transparent and flexible operation, GameStars is using smart contract and blockchain. You should visit the site for more detail.

Learn more about Gamestars

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Bitcointalk profile:Hobo66 An In-Depth Review Of The New Blockchain Entertainment Currency

What is slate about? is a blockchain-based entertainment platform with a robust utility protocol that runs on a superb cryptographically and multilayered network. It is a reliable decentralized system launched on the 28 of April 2018 and is expected to deliver high-speed, low-cost, and high definition video globally, as well as facilitating live event ticketing on the blockchain.

With the platform becoming fully operational, consumers will be able to spend ‘SLX,’ which is the acronym for the slate cryptocurrency. The use of SLX will allow consumers to invest in some of the best entertainment the world as a whole has to offer. Making use of Slate platform will enable transparent and fair compensation between producers, creators, and distributors. The process will ensure that creators are fairly compensated while consumers are provided with top quality entertainment.

Slate tickets that will be sold will be designed to be highly resistant to forgery, which will completely eradicate fraud in the process. As for service providers, they will have the ability to earn more by storing and delivering more content, provided they are holding SLX.

The mission & purpose of the slate formation

Entertainment is one of the greatest necessities of life, and this is very important for most consumers. It is a critical diversion that brings innumerable pleasure and lot of happiness—which are critical elements to good health and overall human well-being. Therefore, it is not surprising that the entertainment and Media sector generates more than 2 trillion dollars annually revenue globally.

One of the epic centers of success and monopoly enjoyed by the entertainment industry is Hollywood and its studios, which has dominated the industry for many years, unquestioned. With the emergence of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, Hollywood has got something to worry about. Nevertheless, question marks continue to emerge if there has been a real change in terms of cost and the monopolistic tendency of the sector. There is a quest to develop a better solution for the industry—one that would elevate the entertainment bar for content savvy consumers while at the same time making sure there is an equitable dynamic between creators and providers. This is what has given rise to the current ecosystem behind the entertainment industry, of which Slate is seeking to make the difference.

The Slate Entertainment Group is the owner of Slatix Solutions and Binge Media Corporations. These two subsidiaries of the Slate Company are given the responsibility to bring about the creation of a new entertainment ecosystem. The new system will have a great impact on every aspect of the industry such as in the film, electronic ticketing, streaming media, plays, cinemas, concerts, sporting events and many more.

The Slate Entertainment Group is a top-notch amalgamation of the best entertainment businesses and competent technical expertise of the highest level. It is primarily created to crash the high cost of centralized streaming.

Features of the Slate Platform at a glance

Looking at the Slate platform at, you will discover that it is one with intuitive features and friendly user interface. At the topmost Left-hand side of the platform is a video introduction on how the project works—fully explaining the various processes that will result in the unrestricted global entertainment access. Just by the video intro, to the right-hand side lies the countdown to the pre-sale of the Slate tokens. Just below the video intro and the pre-sale count timer lies information on the Soft Cap which is put at $20 million USD.

Some of the great features that can be seen at a glance on the Slate websites are:

1. Blockchain Video On Demand (BVOD)

Following the successful disruption of movie theatres, cable and television by the emergence of streaming video-on-demand (SVOD), but which has led only to little changes in the scheme of things, Slate is poised to use its subsidiary company—Binge Media—to as disrupt the streaming industry. This will be done in a revolutionary way that will exploit the very best of blockchain technology to bring about BVOD. This decentralized system will reduce the cost, accelerate the speed, and also increase the definition and render media access for every consumer, no matter the location. The use of Slate BVOD will form a strong alliance between creators and distributors to tap into a massive untapped audience globally.

2. Tokenized Ticketing

Slate will make use of its other subsidiary company known as Slatix to develop a very affordable tokenized ticketing system with exceptional features, that will run on the Slatix blockchain. The deep analytics used by Slatix will enable the Slate to create ticketing on the blockchain and improve the way venues connect directly with consumers, as well as rewarding them for their loyalty. Of course, the tickets would be designed as such to be highly resistant to forgery.

3. Unrestricted Access

The Slate platform will provide consumers with unrestricted access and the complete ability to make the final decisions relating to contents. By using the Binge’s decentralized distribution system, Slate is providing unstoppable and a safeguarded consumer choice of power. The company’s cryptocurrency will completely eliminate any form of restrictions and barriers regarding cross-border commerce since the blockchain actively mediates and induce payment to content creators and license-holders. The level of trustless transactions that would be provided by the platform will result in quick payments and effectively bypasses bureaucracy and banks. The Slate blockchain system creates fair payment and the road to freedom.

Slate Token Sales

48% of the total network supply of SLX coins would be distributed as the initial sale. The token sale is cleverly arranged so people that purchased earlier can get a bonus. A pre-sale price put at $0.20 will attract 45% of discount. The first five days of the sale will see the pre-sale bonus starting at 5%, and drops by 1% after five days period. The cost for token sale will commence at $0.27, which will rise by two cents every four days, and will reach a peak of thirty-five cents.


The month of may will see the sale of the Slate tokens, which is slated for 11th and will run through to 26 of the same month.

Conclusion on Slate

It is high time the entertainment industry gets a complete revolution, and with the qualities of the Slate Cryptocurrency driven network, nothing would deter that revolution. I would lay my cards on this one that it is genuine, given that Binge and Slatix, their sister companies, have been two reliable bodies to date.

Learn more about SLATE

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Bitcointalk profile:Hobo66 The First Hybrid Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange with a 100% Share Distribution

What is Stoxum About?


STOXUM is born from the idea of creating a crypto Exchange platform. Why do something like this with the amount of current competitors in the market? Because the idea of Stoxum is different: dividends and white label solutions. These two characteristics together make STOXUM a UNIQUE platform in the market, since not many platforms (or any) offer simple White Label solutions, and STOXUM token holders receive dividends on 100% of the platform revenue depending on how many tokens they have.

Stoxum: the first hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with a 100% share distribution

The business of cryptocurrencies increases more and more. Every day, new ICOs are launched to the market. Some have a decentralized system, others, the opposite, which makes each of them have certain benefits and disadvantages over the other. STOXUM grabs the best of centralized and decentralized systems to create the first hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with a 100% share distribution. The best way to exchange your cryptocurrency, with the reliability of a decentralized system and the speed of a centralized one.

Stoxum: What is it?

STOXUM is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, the first global hybrid decentralized one, a unique system in the market.

A hybrid system adopting the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges:

This results in a platform with all the advantages of both systems and none of the disadvantages.

• Unique operating system

• Open Client source code

• 100% security based on the verification of all transactions via decentralized nodes

•Master nodes make it easy for anyone to launch

• 1,000,000 transactions per second

• Open master node source code

This makes STOXUM a reliable, fast and efficient system when exchanging your cryptocurrencies.

Full transparency with reports on all transactions:

STOXUM offers the possibility of downloading completely detailed reports, if you are a token holder, of all transactions carried out on the platform. With this an absolute transparency is guaranteed, increasing the reliability of the site.

Top-5 cryptocurrencies available for trading at the start:

The exchange of crypto will be made with the main currencies of the current market, which are:

• BTC: Bitcoin
• ETH: Ethereum
• LTC: Litecoin
• BCH: BitcoinCash
• XRP: Ripple

According to CoinMarketCap, this is the Top-5 cryptocurrencies right now, and Stoxum allows you to swap them.

Innovative voting system for adding coins. Up to 2 new coins added every month:

With a unique voting system, STOXUM users are responsible for deciding what the new cryptocurrencies will be, up to 2, which will be added every month. If you want to know the result of the voting, a detailed report is offered to guarantee the transparency of the process.

STOXUM: Overview

• Start Date: Closed Presale 04/30/2018
• End Date: Beta Test Launch: 08/20/2018
• Token Name: STM
• Max Supply: 200,000,000
• STM price: 0.00002 BTC
• Launch of the beta version of the platform: August, 20 2018
• Further Token Issuance: No tokens will be issued after the sale. All unsold tokens will be destroyed
• Soft Cap: 2M USD
• Hard Cap: 30M USD
• Currencies Accepted: BTC – ETH – LTC – BCH – XRP

STOXUM: Main features

Simple White Label Solutions

With the White Label System, each company or entrepreneur will have at their disposal the necessary tools to launch their own Brand, in a simple, fast way and without the need to invest in large teams of programmers, web designers and the whole group of people needed to launch a project or Brand.

With White Label solutions you can launch your own crypto exchange in no time, avoiding the long programming processes. Each platform created using White Label has at its disposal all the main features of STOXUM, as well as the ability to customize it to your liking. This option is ideal for companies that want to invest and create their own crypto exchange.

With White Label you can:

• Choose the pairs and coins traded
• Set your own fees on trades
• Option to connect your own currencies, for example, Fiat
• High percentage of allocations – from 60% to 80%
• Detailed reporting on all transactions at any time
• Ready-made launch client with the option to change the design using your own developers

The dividend system

Dividends will be 100% of the profits of the exchange and all products that are in the ecosystem platform. This translates in: depending on the amount of tokens you have, you will receive a proportional amount of dividends, which means that you will have income according to the amount of dividends you have.

An example, taken directly from the project’s Whitepaper: “Having bought 1,000,000 STM tokens for $200,000 you will receive 1% of the income of the exchange, which is 8,100,000 / 100 = $81,000 per month”

Other features

If you are a token owner, you will have access to a number of statistics and reports, such as the report of all transactions made in the platform, guaranteeing transparency, as well as different opportunities within the ecosystem of the platform.

The open source of the platform allows other users of the community to contribute their part to the development of the same, contributing to its growth.

What can you do in the platform?

As we said before, you can create your own brand, and as the Whitepaper says: “All financial indicators of the platform are completely open and the pool of liquidity unites third-party projects working on the White Label system”.

Besides that, having the control to verify the operations carried out with the complete statistics, including new cryptocurrencies through the voting system, develop and contribute with the platform thanks to its open source system make STOXUM one of the best new platforms of crypto Exchange.


You can see the roadmap near the end of their website, but it looks like:

September–December 2016

• Origin of the idea
• Search for like-minded people and expand the team

January–March 2017

• Development of the project concept
• Consult with traders
• Analysis of the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized exchanges

March–June 2017

• Development of the project concept
• Consult with traders
• Analysis of the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized exchanges

March–June 2017

• Finalize the platform concept
• Development of algorithms for trading bots

July–December 2017

• Platform architecture development
• Expansion of the dispersed team

January–March 2018

• Expansion of the trading functionality of the platform
• Preparation for ICO

April–July 2018

• Conducting ICO
• Marketing to attract investors
• Preliminary arrangements with exchanges to place tokens
• Internal ALPHA test of the platform among the team

August 2018

• Launch of the closed BETA test of the platform among token holders
• Start of token placement on the exchanges

September 2018

• Launch of the beta version of the platform
• Token is traded on 3+ exchanges
• Placement on CoinMarketCap

October 2018

• Publishing the open source code of the client
• Launch of the White Label solution
• Commissioning of the master node and decentralization mechanism

December 2018

• Launching of trading bots on the platform
• Start voting for adding coins

September 2018
• Launch of the beta version of the platform
• Token is traded on 3+ exchanges
• Placement on CoinMarketCap
• October 2018
• Publishing the open source code of the client
• Launch of the White Label solution
• Commissioning of the master node and decentralization mechanism

December 2018

• Launching of trading bots on the platform
• Start voting for adding coins
• January 2019
• Token is traded on 10+ exchanges

January 2019

Token is traded on 10+ exchanges

Learn more about STOXUM:


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INGOT Coin: An All Inclusive Ecosystem


Governed by smart contracts and decentralized technology protocols INGOT COIN will establish IC Digital Bank with an integrated cryptographic wallet to provide an entry, exit and storage points for both fiat and crypto currencies. Furthermore the ecosystem combined with a digital exchange and brokerage will allow users to easily exchange fiat as well as crypto currencies with traditional assets like stocks, commodities and other currencies. A second part to the IC solution is the IC Accelerator and IC Certifier which will provide training, certification, rating, consultations and other services for the token economy. The main benefit of the IC solution is that it provides participants to access traditional banking services, crypto currency liquidity pools, cryptographic wallets and traditional assets markets.
 More info below:
ICO START DATE Jul 1 | 12:00 am UTC
ICO END DATE Aug 11 | 11:59 pm UTC
SOFT CAP37,000,000 USD
HARD CAP90,000,000 USD
TOTAL SUPPLY: 120,000,000 IC


BONUS STRUCTURE35% Starting Bonus

7% Early backers
5% Team
5% Bounty
4% Advisors & Partners
4% FoundersMore info below:Website:

Localcoinswap: Dividends

LocalCoinSwap is the world’s most inclusive cryptocurrency exchange marketplace, a decentralized platform that supports more cryptocurrencies than any other peer-to-peer exchanges, and more payment methods than any other cryptocurrency exchange. LocalCoinSwap allows traders in any location, to directly trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC/XBT), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple, Lisk and others using any method of payment. The LocalCoinSwap user base receives 100% of the profits from the marketplace and votes together in a proof-of-stake system to decide how the exchange should operate.

More info below:



Bankera Q&A #7 News


As always, we have prepared a transcript of the Q&A video:

1) When will BNK tokens be registered on CoinMarketCap and listed on exchanges?

We aim for BNK tokens to be listed on exchanges in the 2nd quarter of this year. BNK tokens will be listed on HitBTC and SpectroCoin, as well as on Bankera’s exchange once it is live. Other external exchanges are not out of question, however, the main focus remains on the development of our own exchange. Once BNK tokens hit other exchanges they will also be listed on CoinMarketCap.

2) Will you be utilizing the NEM network for BNK tokens and its transactions?

First, we aim to finalize the BNK ERC223 source code, which we aim to do in the 2nd quarter of this year. That will allow our token holders to withdraw their BNKs as well as claim their weekly commission via the Ethereum Smart contract. Once the ERC223 source code is finalized, BNKs will also hit exchanges. Also, once the ERC223 source code is finalized, our IT team will focus on supporting BNKs as NEM Mosaics as well.

3) When will the cards be available for members outside the EU?

We are currently working on the technical integration of our new worldwide card solution into our infrastructure, as well as on the logistical aspects. Our clients will be able to order our cards via our MVP SpectroCoin and they will be able to choose between physical and virtual cards. Our virtual card solution is coming soon, so please stay tuned to our updates to learn when you can order them.

4) What is the price of the unsold tokens that were distributed to contributors?

Distributed tokens didn’t carry their price per se. They had their own price during the pre-ICO and ICO periods. During the pre-ICO, one BNK token cost 0.01 EUR and during the ICO the token price ranged from 0.017-0.022 EUR per BNK token. The actual token price will be known once it hits exchanges.

5) Please explain what strategies you will apply to increase the demand for BNK tokens.

Once Bankera’s services are live you will be able to pay for them using BNK tokens. Also, BNK token pairs will be free to trade on Bankera’s own exchange. Meaning that you will be able to exchange BTC to ETH for free if you first exchange BTC to BNK and then exchange BNK to ETH. Also, as our tokens have commissions, the token demand will also depend on that because the more popular Bankera’s project is, the more commissions will be paid, consequently increasing the demand for BNK tokens.

6) How do I get Bankera’s hoodie?

If you’re not one of the lucky winners of Bankera’s hoodie competition, you will be able to purchase our hoodies in the near future. We will provide more information regarding this soon.

Stay tuned for our upcoming updates!

For more info visit:

The Smoke.Network Cryptocurrency Platform


Smoke.Network is an incentivized, distributed social media application for the cannabis community, that rewards users in cryptocurrency for reviewing strains, interacting, creating content, and engaging others. The rewards are self funding and the application is completely decentralized and owned by the users with an incentive to grow the network together.

Users are able to post images, review strains, share stories as well us up vote, follow and curate others content via a simple up vote or flag system. Users are pseudo anonymous and reputation is based on social trust. Rewards are issued to users who make a subjective contribution to the community.

Currently, user generated content companies such as Facebook and Instagram have allowed large communities to interact, and share their love for cannabis. These platforms, though, are controlled by central authorities and manage the networks rules and content flow, usually resulting in cannabis users being censored or kicked off the platform.

Unlike other popular social networks, Smoke.Network is not controlled by a central authority. There is no single person that can modify the applications rules or governance, or censor any user/s from accessing the application. The network is instead owned by all users and token holders.

Learn more about Smoke Network:

Code with us on Github: