Papusha ICO the name of environment security and protection 


Introduction to Papusha ICO:

For the Buran space program a high quality powerful rocket engine was created but for its testing, A.I  Papusha with its team  developed  the world’s largest combustion chamber. A.I Papusha is the chemical science doctor, a State Prize of USSR Laureate and the famous scientist of the world. This advance rocket engine had a flaw, it was releasing high amount of CO each second in the air. Its 3 minutes CO discharge was equal to the per day CO discharge from all vehicles.  A.I Papusha aims to reduce the CO emission to 1Kg per second which was 1000Kg per second before it.  This invention revolutionized the previous techniques and develop several applications.

The team has completed the development of this project and the best application of this technology is the oil refinery residue processing which gives many useful products like diesel, kerosene etc.  The gobal adoption of this technique will save the environment from pollution.

CO emission and other issues:

The Earth temperature is rising gradually. Global warming lead to floods, drought and melting of the glaciers which causes serious problems. The environment and climate of the Earth is on risk, so scientists are putting efforts to save the world from destruction. The oil refineries all over the world face the problem to store and utilize the residue. The residue share has increased to 20% advance oil refinery. According to an estimation, for every 10 million oil barrels almost 1 million residues is produced.

The high amount of waste material creates the problem of discharge. Usually the oil refineries prefer to keep the black residue in the nearby storage which causing the pollution of the earth. The amount of waste material is increasing gradually with each passing day. Many scientists and environmental chemists try to search for the solution of this problem but the expensive methods with low impacts are not suitable to adopt on large scale i.e. thermal cracking etc.

What are the benefits of transonic combustion technology and PRT2 units?

The major amount of the toxic substances can be easily neutralized with the use of the latest transonic combustion technology.  This modification can make impossible to possible. The useless oil residue from the refineries can be used to extract the products which are needed in the market.

PRT-2 units:

The PRT-2 units are best to consume the waste of the oil refineries. Still now no technology is as much advance as PRT-2 unit which can give a liquid fuel output upto 60%.  The 30 PRT-2 units can be easily installed and become ready to use within 9.5 lac USD. The capacity of the single PRT-2 unit varies from 30 to 90 tons per day. With the addition of specific kind of impurities or stabilizers the residue from the oil refinery can be processed at optimum conditions i.e. 1000 m/sec transonic speed and high temperature. The proceed material enter the cooling units after undergoing chemical changes. The synthetic gases are released and useful products are separated out.

Is this technology eco-friendly?

The waste material produced by this technology is steam and CO2 which are harmless for the Earth environment. The oil refineries can easily turn the toxic residue into harmless material to improve the environmental conditions. Do not destroy your environment from the harmful waste, process the residue with this advance technique to secure the live on Earth.

Which token is used on Papusha rocket platform?

  • Token name: PRT

PRT token is used as a utility token to get the physical services in real life. The team of this project is creating a best project for the development and protection of the Earth life. The early token holders and investors will get a special bonus for their contribution. The investment in this ICO will leads to the improvement of the atmosphere and land. The value of PRT token will increase with the rise in contribution and interest in people. The less amount which can be invest in this ICO is 100 PRT. The soft cap is not decided yet but the hard cap is upto 13,500 ETH.

Token details:

  • Price: 3500 PRT tokens = 1 ETH
  • Supply: 100 million
  • ICO start date: August 22, 2018
  • ICO end date: October, 22 2018

Token allocation:

  • Sale: 75 million PRT
  • Reserve: 18 million PRT
  • Advisers: 5 million PRT
  • Bounty: 2 million PRT


To produce the useful fuel from the oil residue from refineries, a best technology is utilized which was first described for the space and rocket technology by A.I Papusha. The PRT token holder are in reality the caretaker of the earth environment. Along with getting profit and useful products, they are saving the planet from destruction. If you have interest in advance cryptocurrency ideas, then just visit Papusha site for more details.

Link to ICO:

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