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What is Parksen about?

Introduction to Parksen:

Parksen is a smart, green and connected city platform with an aim to revolutionize the traditional infrastructure of the parking business. To benefit a wide range of stakeholders from small cities to the urban metropolises, Parksen is providing various smart contracts and solutions by using the PARQ utility token and Ethereum blockchain. This platform operates on a Parksen parking cloud and the users can easily access it through the public API.

How Will Parksen platform revolutionized the traditional parking industry?

Parksen has the vision to replace the traditional technology with the green field appliances, IoT devices smart parking solutions, universal dashboard and real-time parking app.  To record and analyze the data from the main checkpoints in the urban area, Parken is utilizing a universal and open ledger. After analyzing the collected information, Parksen will try to improve the traffic flow and decrease the pollution or congestion level by controlling the CO emission from the moving vehicles.

What is the problem in traditional parking system?

Loss of money and time: Drivers face many problems to search a right parking area and sometimes pay extra money to reserve it. The inability of selection and searching of a right parking place or gradual decrease in the inner-city congestion cost leads to huge loss of money and time.

Outdated System: Most of the garages and companies are using different hardware and software which results in lack of cooperation between the various parties. The lack of universal software system, modern technology, and clear communication causes an irregular increase in the price and driver’s frustration. Many parking places remain unused and their maintainers or administration become difficult due to the outdated system.

Dependency:  If the user forgets to renew his parking session or turning off his parking app then he has to pay some extra cost. The traditional system is set up in a way to waste the precious time and money of the users.

Environmental issue:  According to a recent research, congestion is the main problem in the big cities of U.S. This connection results in health issues and pollution due to the reduction in traffic speed.

What are the solutions provided by Parksen?

Parken is going to replace the ancient and outdated city infrastructure. By using the parksen parking application, the users will remain informed about the congestion, traffic situation, and the nearest affordable parking spot. By providing the universal dashboard to the parking garages, companies, emergency services, maintenance workers and consumers, this platform is eliminating the third-party involvement. The dashboard is in connection with the smart city solutions which is based on the smart car technology and IoT integration. the users will get the accurate and current situations of the street by using Parksen platform and app which rely on the collected traffic data. The drivers can use the PARQ tokens for parking while parking spot can earn and utilize the PARQ tokens to buy or upgrade the software of their existing system.

What are the benefits of utilizing Parksen services?

Benefits for the divers:

  • The drivers will get the real-time information which will help them to find the most affordable and closest parking spot.
  • They can earn PARQ tokens by sharing the information of local traffic congestion, available parking spot, and pollution level.
  • The drivers can get benefits from the developed smart parking solution and IoT of this platform.

Benefits for the providers:

  • They can easily manage the available parking area by using the simple one size fits all Parksen’s universal dashboard.
  • The smart and sustainable IoT devices will save the efforts, repair and maintenance costs of the providers all across the board.
  • The dumb city will be transformed into a smart city by using the ground floor of innovative technology within the city development.

Which token is used by Parksen?

The coin which is used on the Parksen platform is known as PARQ token. This token is built on Ethererem blockchain and it is ERC20 compatible. It is suitable for smart contracts and various wallets. The contributors can buy the PARQ token with fiat or cryptocurrency i.e. ETH, BTC. After purchasing the tokens will directly transfer to the wallet of the token holders.

Benefits of PARQ token:

  • The drivers can pay for the parking by using the PARQ tokens. Before leaving the house, the drivers can use the parksen app to search, reserve and pay for the suitable parking spot. This app will also help them to follow the short possible route.
  • The parking garages or companies can integrate or purchase the advance system and hardware updates by using the PARQ tokens of smart, green and connected city Parksen platform.
  • Any user can earn the PARQ tokens by observing and submitting the information related to pollution level, parking space and congestion etc.
  • The users can also earn the PARQ token on the Parksen platform by registering and paying for the corporate parking area which belongs to them.

Token Detail:

  • Token name: PARQ
  • Accepted payment: ETH, BTC
  • Token supply: 1000 million tokens
  • Token price: 1PARQ = 0.10 USD
  • Soft Cap: 150 million tokens
  • Hard cap:8 Billion tokens

Token allocation:

  • Charity Funds: 1%
  • Private Sales: 3%
  • Bounty Program: 2%
  • Founders and team: 5%
  • Pre-sale: 5%
  • Bounty program: 2%
  • Public sale: 20%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Smart city project funds: 25%
  • Apps and platform development: 15%


Parksen has an aim to offer a smart, green and connected city platform which will help all the cities to invest in green solutions and a fight against extortion, pollution and wastage of money or time. Parksen is integrating the parking industry into the blockchain technology, IoT, and cryptocurrency to offer great benefits to the drivers and providers. If you are interested in future orientated plans of cryptocurrency then visit PARQ site for more details.

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