Peaky Blinders New Season Latest News and Updates


Peaky Blinders Season 4 ended in an epic finale with Tommy Shelby becoming the designated MP of the South constituency in Birmingham, further strengthening Shelby’s power and his empire of crime.

As he enters the world of politics and overpowers everyone in the midst of the ongoing financial crisis, Tommy Shelby’s story could get into an intriguing phase considering his delicate mental state. Can the next season get any more dramatic?

Here are all the updates you need to know about Peaky Blinders season 5:

When does it return to TV?

Soon after the season 4 ended in December 2017, the show was confirmed to return to TV in 2019. With reference to a picture from Cillain Murphy’s fan account, the filming for the new season began on September 17th 2018 on the streets of Brum.

With filming now almost about to end, the show is set to return in spring 2019 since no specific release date is announced yet. For users in the UK, it will air on BBC One while people in the US can see it on Netflix.

Which Cast Members will make a comeback in Season 5?

Cillian Murphy obviously will be back as Tommy Shelby in the lead role. In addition Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson), Ada Thorne (Sophie Rundle), Michael Gray (Finn Cole) and Polly Gray (Helen McCrory) are all also set to return in the new season.

One of the surprises for fans that according to reports, Aidan Gillen, also known as the famous ‘Littlefinger’ in Game of Thrones will also be a part of Series 5. He will be recognized through his name Aberama Gold. The gypsy Aberama and his son Bonnie (Jack Rowan) will be seen together as an ally of the Shelby’s.

On the other hand, one of the characters that we will not be seeing any more of, will be Tom Hardy. After him being shot by Tommy, Alfie Solomons the character in the series is unlikely to appear again in the show. Hardy’s exit came as a surprise to most of the cast members who were expecting him to stay longer in the show.

In the exclusive list of new cast, members included Hunger Games lead character Sam Claflin and former actor from Hollyoaks Emmett J Scanlan. A number of other stars such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Brian Gleeson, Neil Maskell and Kate Dickie will also accompany the duo.

Peaky Blinder Season 5 Plot

As we saw in the end how the Shelby’s retained more power after Tommy is elected for an MP in Birmingham South. His landslide win confirms the family’s entry into the politics as Arthur (Paul Anderson) also gains connections with the parliament.

However, a plot twist that we came to know was, Shelby might use his newly gained power to manipulate the surroundings and enmity between his rivals.

Besides that, the fifth season will also take a deep dive into Tommy’s mental health condition, which is worsening day by day.

Can Tommy actually find a way out? Or the post-trauma of WW1 will still be there to haunt him? Wait until you get to see the show!





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