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Introduction to platio: 

Platio is an EU authority licensed based first global payment solution provider where the user can make easy payments in fiat and cryptocurrency. By utilizing three main digital assets (stocks, fiat, crypto) and creating the digital product tokenization with the latest EOS technology, platio strives to become the best platform with a quick and simple access. 

What is the problem in the traditional system? 

  • Crypto market volatility: The cryptocurrency holder hesitates to do trading freely due to the market volatility. The high risk factors lead to a potential loss of income and business failure. 
  • Digital currency payment option issue: Due to the complicated nature of trading, storing and accepting cryptocurrency, many merchants and companies do not invest and offer cryptocurrency as a payment option. 
  • Banking risk and limitation:  The cryptocurrency holders face many problems due to the limited number of banks which accept the digital currency. Many countries and central bank do not allow the exchange of digital asset. 
  • Loss of access: Every wallet, profile, and exchange are secure with the private key allocated to the users. In any case, if the user is unable to save the key in a secure place then it can lead to the loss of access to the digital asset. 
  • Different logins: The cryptocurrency holders normally create many profile and wallets on different platform to continue the management of their online business, banking with employee’s payment. 
  • Irreversible cryptocurrency deals: Many potential users do not do dealing in crypto due to the irreversible nature of the cryptocurrency payments. The sender can face customer or employee frauds after sending the payment. 

What are the basic tools and products offered by platio? 

To make the transaction process easy and smooth, platio is going to combine advance tools at a single place within the smart banking environment. These products will be helpful to fulfill the needs of companies and regular users in routine transaction of cryptocurrency. 

Platio blockchain: To make the business transaction and procedure safe, efficient and transparent, platio is utilizing EOS blockchain technology with a specific set of smart contracts. 

Online exchange: By using a versatile exchange, the users can easily do trading in any currency i.e. local fiat or cryptocurrency. To attract the potential users, platio is also including blockchain project tokens with the top main digital currencies.  The new ICOs can increase their business potential after finding a space on platio. 

Brokerage feature: Platio allow the users to convert the digital currency into any asset of platio ecosystem. It will secure the value of their personal portfolio and generate the profits in the competitive market. 

Asset guard: By using the products protected with smart contracts, platio is saving the users of the ecosystem from potential failures and loss due to sudden market changes and login access problem. 

Auto exchange: To give a best solution of the market volatility, platio is offering a unique tool ”auto exchange” through which the users can exchange the asset after setting proper conditions of the smart contract. 

Standby transfer: After a specifically defined time, the amount will get transfer automatically to the external bank account of the user. The user can also do account to account transfer with an automatic system. 

OCT: The user can do card to card transfer directly without the need of payment card of platio. Based upon KYC procedure, the OCT payment process will become a simple way of proceeding the operation with local currencies. The combination of OCT transfer with the automatic exchange is allowing the transfer of fiat and cryptocurrency. 

Internal transfer: The users can transfer the supported digital products i.e. fiat, stock and crypto easily to save them self from the long transaction procedure and high fees. The transaction process becomes simpler and more efficient with the proper internal messenger service. 

Platio app: The app is compatible with web and mobile phone which is serving as a mean of connection between the platio blockchain and internal core banking platform. It is a form of main gateway of the banking community. 

What is the main revenue stream of platio? 

Platio is dealing with two main revenue streams: 

  • Transaction revenue: In transaction revenue, the platio will charge the fees for payment transaction, exchange transaction, processing revenue and escrow revenue. Three main levels of access will be provided to the customers i.e. Premium, advanced and basic. 
  • Subscription revenue: The premium level per month charges will be included in the subscription revenue. 

Which token is used by platio? 

The main element of the platio platform is its utility token PGAS. It is used to carried out the main tasks of the platform from subscription to payment of the fees. With the growth of the platio ecosystem, more transactions will be carried out and the value of PGAS token will increase. 

Token detail: 

  • Name of the token: PGAS 
  • Token price: 1 PGAS = 0.20 Eur 
  • Hard cap: 34,5 M Eur 
  • Soft cap: 5 M EUR 
  • Start date of pre sale: 20th August  
  • End date of pre sale: 11th November  

Token distribution: 

  • Advisors: 8% 
  • Bounty: 2% 
  • Team and founders: 25% 
  • For sale: 65% 


Platio is offering the unique banking solutions to solve the complicated problems of the transaction and payment of crypto or local currency. The user will get several advantages with the platio smart contact and blockchain along with transparent commission. If you have any query then you can visit below mention links for more details. 

Links to platio: 

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