PPC Advertising and Marketing Tricks



Out of all the marketing and advertising methods available online, PPC is one of the oldest yet most profiting method for brands to grow and increase their sales. If you have ever clicked on the small box of advertisements that appear on the right side of the search results page on Google, then you’ll pretty much understand what PPC is.

What is PPC?

PPC or as the name suggests is a model of advertising that works through a pay-per-click basis. With online marketing on an upsurge, this method helps to direct network traffic to business websites through its ads on other sites and search engines. However, the advertiser is only charged when the user clicks on the ad. Besides, Google and Microsoft, various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also adopted PPC as part of their social media marketing and advertising strategy.

Although it is a simple technique to follow, a few tricks could help achieve your targeted audience within no time. Read below to find how:

Set Goals

Before you begin, define your objective. It is important to know what type of ads you’ll advertise, what platforms you’ll use and the audience you will target. If you have a measurable plan to go along with, it will be easier to find out later on whether you have attained them or not.

Keywords are your Assets

When you publish your ad on search engines, you have to bid on keywords that any of your targeted users may search for. The keywords must be very carefully set (focus more on what people like to search about) so when a user searches for that keyword, the search engine will show your ad correlating to the search query.

To optimize through keywords, follow these:

  • Focus on Top-Performing Keywords

It is important to keep a check on each of your keyword’s performance since the right keywords only will help get more customers. Check your performance report to find out which ones are your top performers so you could focus more on optimizing them.

  • Remove Keywords having no Impressions

There may be keywords that are non-performers. Since they don’t have any effect, it is better to remove them, as they will only disrupt your entire PPC campaign.

  • Keywords having Impressions but no Clicks

An impression takes place when a user searches for at least one of the keywords you bided for, which causes your ads to appear. A click, however, occurs only when the user clicks on the ad that he sees. If the keywords have impressions but no clicks, it means your ads may not be that attractive or relevant enough.

  • Keywords having clicks but don’t have Conversions 

A conversion occurs when a user visits your site and stays on it for a while to have a look on the web pages. If the user searches for a keyword, clicks on the ad but does not stay on your site for longer, it means your site may not be well managed.

Create Attractive Ads

An ad must have striking headlines and details that not only grab a user’s attention but make them click on your ad. Keep your ads short and relevant, but descriptive enough for people to notice. A good and will take you a long way on your advertising journey!

Boost your Business today!

PPC is a highly potent method for online advertising and marketing for businesses who want to expand their consumer base and increase their sales. If you are able to implement a correct PPC strategy by paying heed to above-mentioned tricks, not much can stop you from boosting your online performance and revenue generation.


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