Rubius, a decentralized blockchain based exchange and banking platform


Introduction to Rubius:

Rubius is a decentralized platform to sell, buy, send or receive the cryptocurrency. This platform is going to develop the crypto services, products and solutions to strengthen the blockchain technology and develop the economy. Rubius is the name of both cryptocurrency coin and a company. The Rubius coin will operate similar to Ether and Bitcoin while Rubius company is blockchain based start up in Tampa, Florida, USA.

What is the problem in the traditional banking system?

According to a survey, more than 1.7 billion adults have no access to any type of electronic or financial service and they remain un-banked in the world. The traditional banking system is forcing these adults to get use in barter or cash system which is promoting corruption and crime. Smartphone use is increasing day by day, but still many users do not have access to the potential solutions due to cross border restrictions and limited software. The users in the war-torn countries need to protect their earnings in a safe system. The economic development is limiting and millions of people are un-banked due to the trust dependency of the traditional financial system. Domestic crisis in a country can cause by the fraud activities in the bank. While the interconnection of non banking sector with banking sector become the cause of full blown international crisis. The entire world is unable to use cryptocurrency due to the terrible software. Most of the cryptocurrency wallets are not user friendly so minimum people are able to use them.

What are the solutions provided by Rubius?

Rubius is going to solve all the issues of the traditional banking with a peer to peer payment system. No trust is involved and no loan or interest is required by this platform.

  • Rubius software: This platform is going to develop easy to use Rubius software for the consumers which will be improved and upgraded continuously. Rubuis has an aim to offer free to use, open source and zero trust involve products to the users. To promote mass adoption, Rubius products will be rebranded in specific regions. Rubius product will operate on blockchain platform and it will use decentralized applications.
  • Rubius protocol: Decentralized blockchain based solutions will be offered through the Rubius protocol for exchange and transfer of Rubius coin. This protocol will serve the Rubius software ecosystem which will offer the world ubiquitous and trustable financial services.

What are the main features of Rubius?

  • Rubius exchange: The users can trade and purchase the digital currency in an intuitive environment. As compared to its competitors, this exchange is offering great value on extremely low fees.
  • Aryl wallet: Aryl wallet serve as a best exchange facilitator and decentralized bank. Confusion free payments are offered by the user friendliness feature of the wallet. Aryl’s users can get access to their wallet via centralized cryptocurrency exchange Rubiex. After signing up for Rubiex, the users will be able to sell, buy and trade the selected digital currency directly through Aryl app. In-iMessage usage will help to send and get payments via iMessage conversation.
  • Aryl volatility shield: By converting the unstable cryptocurrency into the steady currency, wallet value is protected by Aryl volatility shield. Without facing the problem of excessive fees and time taking cashing out methods, the streamlined conversions through Rubius will allow the users to fastly liquidate their cryptocurrency from an exchange.
  • Low transaction fees: User who will do the transaction in Rubius token will get 50% off transaction fees on all the platforms. The innovative Rubius ecosystem will be empowered by the Ruby token. Rubius transactions charges 2% average cost of the total cost of trading bitcoins. The less transaction fees make Rubius protocol more sustainable and scalable than bitcoin.
  • Transaction speed: Rubius protocol is allowing 40 times faster transaction than bitcoin. The Rubius users will get the efficiency and speed benefits from Ethereum platform. Average Rubius transaction speed is 4 second.

    Which coin is used on this platform?

This platform is using Rubius coin. Rubius is a decentralized digital currency which is based on the ERC20 standard token. The transactions through RUBY is safe, simple and low cost. It is an autonomous cryptocurrency which is supported via EVM which ensures the transparency by recording, verifying and publishing the transactional data.

Where can you use RUBY coin?

RUBY coin can be used in Rubiex exchange and Aryl payment app. On Rubiex, the preferred members will get 50% reduced fees on RUBY trading and RUBY coin will be considered as a main trading pair. . In Aryl, RUBY coin will be treated as a default digital currency for the frictionless safe payments. The Aryl payment app has endless real life use such as you can pay the bills by using Aryl app and you can also get the payments for your services via Aryl.

Token detail:

  • Token name: RUBY
  • Token price: 1ETH = 7000 RUBY
  • Acceptable currency: ETH

Token allocation:

  • ICO: 70%
  • Team: 10%
  • Reserve: 12%
  • Advisors: 3%
  • Bounty: 5%


Rubius is a blockchain based platform which will soon convert into a superb banking institution, where all services, products and solutions will be based upon blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The trustable financial products will be provided to the users such as Aryl payment app, RUBY coin and Rubiex cryptocurrency exchange. Rubius platform will bring a revolution in the traditional banking system. If you are interested in future oriented ideas of cryptocurrency then visit its site for further information.

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