Save Money and Become a Better Saver


Regardless of how well your monthly income is, saving money is a great maneuver to gather some extra cash and invest little by little for future. If you are running low on finances, lost your job or saving for something big, we want you to know that there is always a chance to turn your financial crisis around. All it takes is little patience. So, how exactly can you start saving money? Let’s dive in to know the tested tips for better money saving.

Obviously, you cannot expect a big reward straight away from saving an inchmeal, it takes time and a few tricks to help you get started. They’re all very simple and require no special effort. Instead of losing hope and stop saving money, try to stay persistent by thinking about your future needs.  Read on below for ten ways on how you can start saving money.

Limit Eating Out

One of our biggest spendings is on food. Avoid eating out every other day, carry your own lunch to work and always pick fresh food items instead of fast foods/processed foods. Cooking is not only a soothing thing to do but also it helps you save lump sums of your paycheck. You can also pool in with friends when ordering something so you can save more.

Make a Grocery List Before Going to the Super Market

Grocery shopping without a certain list is a dangerous game. Despite all your efforts of spending less, you end up buying the same unnecessary things repeatedly just because they were on sale. On top of that is the lure of trying out new stuff which can be seen everywhere on the grocery store. Next time, before you go for grocery shopping, write a list of items you actually need for grocery before and make sure you stick to it. In this way you can save yourself from buying unwanted items, ultimately saving money.

Use Public Transports/Bicycle rather than Driving your Car

Traveling through public transport/bicycle every day to work may be a little tiring but at the end of each month, you will save all the money that you could’ve easily wasted on diesel.

Shop from Wholesale Markets

Wholesale markets offer products in bulk to both customers and other supermarkets on low rates. You can pick items in double quantity for two months together as well. This will help you in saving a good deal of cash.

Secteur des fuits et legumes du marche international de Rungis, France

Switch to a Computer from TV

Rather than wasting electricity and money on TV, get a laptop and a good local internet connection (pool in with your neighbor) and watch anything you like. This trick will help you in saving the TV charges and the need for getting a new TV from time to time.

Buy Energy-Saving Equipment

Electricity bills certainly place a huge strain on our monthly budget. You can cut down your energy bills by switching to energy-saving equipment. Energy Saving Bulbs, lights, and appliances may be slightly expensive but are a long-term investment for saving on electricity bills every month.

 Sell Your Old Stuff

If you have old DVDs, Books or clothes that are of no use, you can sell them at flea markets for low rates. They’ll be put to good use instead of rotting in your wardrobe.


Quit Smoking (If you do)

Smoking is expensive. A single pack of cigarettes can cost you around a couple of bucks which can go directly to your savings if you stop smoking. If you are a smoker, you are probably smoking a pack every day that is 30 packs per month and 30 times the expenditure on a single pack. Just imagine all the savings you can make if you try quitting or at least reduce smoking to a minimum.

Ellsworth Airmen helped break the habit during the Great American Smokeout at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., Nov. 19, 2015. Smoking is responsible for nearly one in five deaths in the U.S., with 8.6 million people living with serious illnesses caused by smoking. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Airman 1st Class James L. Miller/Released)

Use Debit Card Instead of Credit Cards

Using a credit card always makes us spend more than we have. The very allure of reimbursing your funds right after you receive your next paycheck is enough to mess up with your budget.  Instead of risking your spending over the budget limit, Switch to debit cards so you’ll only spend the money you have in your account.

Money saving is life’s greatest hack which can let you go through tough days as smoothly as possible. Savings can also help you realize your lifelong dreams of traveling or buying your favorite stuff once you have enough money. Adopt this habit in your life by following the above-mentioned hacks in order to become financially stable in your life.




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