Scale your Business with these SEO Hacks


SEO is not as simple as it sounds. With the increasing presence of technology and social media, targeting the right audience after searching through the masses is nothing less than a challenge. Businesses who are advanced in terms of SEO enjoy a greater edge for success than the businesses who pay the least attention to their online presence. The importance of a proper SEO strategy reaches new levels when scaling of business is in question. So, how exactly can you deploy SEO to scale your business?

Every day over a billion people searches different queries on Google. What they search for, how they search it and what sites they visit decides a lot about the sites’ rankings. From your businesses’ perspective, understanding what wonders SEO can do for you will always take you one step closer from the target market. In this regard, being an SEO expert yourself or hiring one for your business which can help you a lot.

Here is a list of five SEO hacks to implement on your website that can help you outshine your competitors.

Interactive Content

If there is anything that goes straight to a person’s heart, is good, useful content. Instead of flooding your website with cluttered information, offer something of value to your customers; something that they have wanted to hear/read. When making your business website, focus on content that remains valid for years to come. This will not only want users to keep visiting your site repeatedly but also lead to organic traffic growth over time.

Some of the things you could add to stand out from the rest are:

  • Case Studies
  • Links to Relevant Blogs
  • Video Tutorials
  • Product Reviews
  • A 24/7 Chat Bot
  • Expert Opinions/Interviews
  • Detailed FAQ’s
  • Blog Posts

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Since interfaces for both mobile and PC are different, therefore you must code the website accordingly. For instance, when you open a site on your phone, the web pages look exactly fitted as of your phones’ screen. Don’t they? This phenomenon is called AMP. It is a standard that helps publishers provide their users with a completely new experience when visiting through mobile phones. AMP has emerged as a great SEO hack to bounce your site up on Google rankings.

Increasing Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is a metric used to enumerate the number of people who saw your ad, link or video and clicked on it. And upon clicking, they landed on your website. All that matters is who visited your site because of seeing your ad.

A higher CTR means higher number of visitors, which then takes you up on the rankings. To make your click-rate more productive than your competitors you can try these out:

  • Using Long-Tail Keywords
  • Writing a clear, to-the-point Meta Description
  • Adding Keywords in the URL
  • Create an Engaging Headline


Take Constant Customer Feedback

Your customers choose your fate. They are what make you or break you. They are the ones who play a big role in deciding where you should be ranked. Therefore, listening and implementing on their feedback should be your top priority. SEO is all about getting customer attention. Moreover, to do that, you should constantly take customer feedback and focusing on what they need.

Remain Active on Social Media

Believe it or not, almost 20% to 40% of the sales of big businesses are driven via social media platforms. Social Media also has a great impact towards on websites’ rankings. If you are ignoring your social media presence, you are missing out on a lot of business growth, unfortunately. For instance, if you work hard on your websites design, content and other factors, people will also like it and share it with other audience. This in return will improve your fan following and rankings in the SERPs. Lastly, Google also sees your activity on social media pages. The size of people there will greatly influence your site’s performance here. In order to scale your business successfully, ensure your social media presence on following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Snapchat

All in all, SEO is the key which has the potential to unlock incredible gateways of success and growth for your business. If you want to extend your business reach to a global and diverse customer range, these SEO hacks can help you out in this manner.


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