SEO Copywriting: Strategic Move to Better SEO


Gone are the days when content writing was limited to impressing a wide audience belonging to mankind. The intervention of bots and AI has revolutionized the content writing world as well. Now, content writers have to focus on impressing AI bots alongside the human audience in order to stand out from the crowd. Undoubtedly, this revolution has created numerous challenges for businesses and organizations to comply with the complex standards of these bots in order to stand a chance for survival in the cluttered online world.


What is SEO Copywriting?

Although we are far from the elite AI Bots taking over humanity, the use of bots is changing the way of online sustainability for all of us. But wait, do not be intimidated by the mention of bots just yet. Here is a solution for this problem i.e. SEO Copywriting. It is obvious that this form of content writing encompasses the creation of compelling and relevant content which can not only create strong impact on the audience but also get approved by Search Engine bots.


Top Benefits of SEO Copywriting:

Apart from letting you stand out from the crowd, SEO Copywriting directly affects your SEO strategy in a number of positive ways which include:


Access to Target Audience:

The purpose of any online website is to offer valuable information to its target audience. You can not even imagine of achieving a good conversion rate unless you are successfully connecting with your target audience. SEO Copywriting helps you in achieving this goal by paving the pathway for connectivity between your online website and target audience.


Makes you Google’s Best Buddy:

In the past, businesses would simply resort to copy pasting content from competitor’s website in order to achieve a prominest SERP ranking. However, this is not the case now. Google has advanced its content filtration and approval in a number of ways one of which involves the use of AI bots for content scanning. SEO Copywriting not only saves you from getting penalized by Google but also helps in regularly updating your content- turning you into Google’s best buddy.

Answers Questions Related to Your Website:

Whenever a visitor clicks on your landing page he is immediately searching for answers to his

“What, how and why”. SEO Copywriting incorporates keywords with the information related to your website in a way which answers to all these questions of a visitor. In this way, SEO Copywriting helps in interacting with your target audience by creating strong landing pages.


Value Addition:

Value addition is the thumbs rule for attracting a loyal consumer base as well as to get approval of advanced AI bots. No one wants to keep on reading content which is not updated on regular basis. When you follow all the tested rules of excellent SEO Copywriting, you are ultimately adding tremendous value to your online website in form of well-put information. Thus, you get to reap the many advantages of improves SE rankings in the end.

Top 5 Tips for High-quality SEO Copywriting:

High-quality SEO Copywriting does not come easy. In fact, it requires persistence, hardwork and constant monitoring of what you are posting on your website. Here are a few tips which are used by world’s best SEO Copywriters in order to achieve excellence:


Put on a Buyer’s Persona:

SEO Copywriting is all about compelling your visitors to turn into customers using the meagre power of words. It’s a tricky business which requires you to put on a buyer’s persona before you can even start jotting down what comes into your mind. Doing so helps you in understanding exactly what a buyer is looking for and offer him the services and answers accordingly.


Create Compelling Headlines:

Did you know that the future of $1 million domestic industry relies on SEO Copywriting?

The above statement has nothing to do with authenticity, heck, the $1 million figure is not even true. But it got your attention, doesn’t it? It means that it served its purpose well. Creating compelling headlines will help you in attaining maximum clicks on your website pages linked to your landing page, hence improving your SE ranking.


Work Out an Excellent Intro:

The intro of any landing page decides whether or not a visitor will continue to read on to the next sections. If you are going to implement SEO Copywriting on your website, it is your job to craft such an Intro which succeeds in grasping the mind and heart of the reader.



Break your Content:

After headlines, the next best tool at your disposal for effective SEO Copywriting is creating ridiculously compelling headings. Headings will not only help you out in breaking your content to eliminate the monotony but also help in segregating your SEO strategy in an effective manner.



Sprinkle in Media:

Using high quality images, videos, infographics, charts and statistics simply shows how serious you are about the authenticity of your landing page. A great SEO Copywriting strategy always includes a good deal of valid media to grasp reader’s attention.



The crux is that if your are forswearing the use of SEO Copywriting, you are inviting failure to your online presence. Make sure to take advantage of this strategy if you want to impress both- your audience and Search Engine AI bots.


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