SEO Strategies for Newspapers and News Websites



From mobile marketing to business websites, SEO has helped numerous platforms to rank among the top 10 results of SERPs for certain keywords. There is no denying the power of SEO when it comes to boosting your online presence by implementing feasible strategies. While SEO may be all about crawling to the top of Google rankings, a few websites have to play it differently. News websites and changing broadcasts, in particular, require certain strategies than other types of websites.


Why Newspapers and News Websites require a different SEO strategy?

The main reason as to why newspapers and news websites have to take a rather distinctive SEO plan lies in the fact that news pieces are volatile and require constant updates. The average time for any news piece to rank in SERPs lies between 3 to 4 days after which the older news is immediately replaced by newer and fresher ones.

Find out seven best practices you should always have in mind when optimizing a news website for search engines:

Evergreen Content

As for a news website, your main objective should be to have content that keeps changing just as the news does. You must be quick enough to update about topics as they happen. For this reason, you’ll also notice a fluctuating traffic flow on your website. As articles get older, the traffic will also start decreasing. So make sure your content is good enough to keep the traffic on hold.

Try to get featured in Google News

Next step is to show up in Google News. This step is a must for news websites. To do that, make sure you follow all the guidelines and technical procedure to fit up to the Google standards. Once you do that, submit it to Google for their approval. If your site is accepted, ensure you work on the same SEO techniques, content creation, and uniqueness as before.  

Organize your news website

Since it is a news website, there can be content from various genres, videos, and images floating in every day. You cannot afford to lose audience only because of a messed up site architecture. Make sure your site is navigable; everything is neatly placed on its place in categories. You can also put tags so users would know which content is at what place. In addition, add internal links at different news sites so users could redirect back here.

Another important thing to improve your site’s architecture is through pagination. Some news articles are long, so put page numbers for people to find it easier to read.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages

Keep note that most of your users are browsing through mobile phones. Your site should use AMP- accelerated mobile pages for extensive mobile usability. In addition, it should be responsive and should fit the size of their mobile’s screen.

Crawl Speed

In news media, articles keep updating every day, which highly influences on their rankings. To keep crawling up to Google’s rankings, you can focus on the site speed, performance, and sitemaps.

For sitemaps, try to follow Google’s important guidelines so people can discover your articles faster.

Make Sharing Easy

A great way to increase network traffic is through sharing on social media. Have plugins for different social media platforms so people can share directly as they read the articles.

Don’t Copy Others

Rule of thumb: Don’t copy others. We know the competition is crazy out there, but the only thing that can make you stand out is to be your own self. Produce your own quality content, keep coming up with new ideas and inspire others. If you pursue what your competitors do, give them credit.

In short, ranking a Newspaper and News website can be a challenging thing to do. However, goal-specific SEO strategies which support quick updates and enhanced crawling speeds can be important tools at your disposal. Have you got experiences to share with us? Use the comment section to share yours!



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