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What is Shipit about?

Introduction to Shipit:

Shipit is a blockchain based platform which connects the senders and travelers with a mobile app to decide the ship packages and affordable cost of the shipment. Shipit wants to offer the best courier, crowd shipping and crowdsource services all over the world. With the unique and revolutionary services, Shipit will change the entire traditional shipment business and it will become an irreplaceable platform for shipping. Shipit is going to integrate the blockchain and smart contracts in the shipping business to make the life of the people easy all over the globe. With the use of Shipit tokens, this platform is ensuring the safety, transparency, and ease of tracking on all deliveries.

What is the problem in traditional shipping business?

The traditional shipping business has lots of issues i.e. delay delivery, high risk of loss of shipments, expenses of shipping services etc. The inefficient postal and customer services are causing many problems from theft to excessive paperwork.  Commercial courier companies involve many machinery, people, and equipment to handle insurance policy of the shipment and it leads to high shipping cost. They have their own railway, motor, water or air ways for transport but the collection of data on shipping processing and status involve many intermediaries whose cost is borne by the customer. Delivery of the shipment also takes more time from one place to another due to the lack of conversation between the people involved in the shipment, so delivery occurs in days, weeks or months. Sometime, the security issues arise when the shipment get lost in the other country. Although parcel and courier delivery make our life easy, but it has many issues which need to be solved.

What are the benefits of Shipit platform?

  • Simple: Shipit is the most simple and efficient platform where you can find out who is going to travel to the place where you want to deliver your shipment and who is ready to deliver your item.
  • Safe: Shipit platform has a shipping system of review, deposits and multi-factor verification to ensure the secure delivery.
  • The advantage for Sender: Shipit is offering best services which are efficient and safe for the senders. It also reduces the shipping costs of the order.
  • The advantage for the traveler: Shipit is using an efficient tool which allows the travelers to make their trips cost-efficient and simple.

What are the features of Shipit platform?

  • Crypto Wallet: The cryptocurrency integration into shipping business will allow the instant transactions. The user can convert the fiat into cryptocurrency to pay for the services in the app. The crypto tokens are held in the wallet of Shipit platform.
  • Safety and reputation: This platform deals with the security issues in a serious way. The travelers and senders have to follow the strict rules to make this platform safe for each user.
  • Security deposits: Deposits are treated as an insurance for shipping but they are optional. To prevent loss, theft or damage to the goods, Shipit utilizes the security deposits.  It safeguards the sender rights.
  • Friendly community: To ensure the transparency and security, the users pass the verification process. Shipit supervises the service quality and supports the traveler/client during shipping.
  • Usability: The sharing economy and crowdsource model are very effective and popular. Shipit is going to create a history by operating the shipping business on a mobile app.
  • Efficiency: Shipit is allowing the clients to save their money for shipping their items to far off places, after finding the best person for the delivery.
  • Factoring: Shipit changes a small factoring fee to make a deposit for the travelers. For shipment security, the travelers pay the Shipit factoring to solve the problems of deposit.
  • Smart Contracts: Without any moderator, the smart contracts are the excellent solution to automize the shipping process. The tractions history is recorded on the blockchain whenever a traction is proceeded by a smart contract.
  • Mail forwarding: Shipit has the vision to create an advance trading network which can get items from any country. Mail forwarding is buying a thing from cross-border and take it out from the purchasing country by utilizing intermediary services.

How Shipit platform work for the traveler and sender?

Shipit monitors all the shipment after verifying the users. The whole process becomes fast and simple due to the interactive interface.

  • Senders: After posting a list they set a meetup with the traveler. They can track the delivery by using the Shipit tracking system. When the shipment is complete they pay for the delivery.
  • Travelers: After picking a list they set a meetup with the sender. They deliver the shipment after communicating with the customer. When the shipping is complete they get paid.

Which token is used by this platform?

Shipit is utilizing the SHPT token to proceed the shipping business all over the world. This token will allow the users to pay for the services of Shipit app. Total 500 million tokens will be generated and unsold tokens will be burnt out at the end of the sale.

Token detail:

  • Token name: SHPT
  • Total supply: 500 million
  • Hard cap: 24 million USD
  • Soft cap: 3 million USD
  • Price: $0.1 = 1 SHPT
  • Accepted payment: BTC, ETH, LTC

Token allocation:

  • Token sale: 75%
  • Partners or advisors: 5%
  • Bounty campaign: 5%
  • Team: 15%


Shipit is going to revolutionize the shipping business by integrating the blockchain and smart contracts in shipment. To solve the issues of the expensive and complex courier services, Shipit is offering many solutions to allow the users to track and ship their shipment at low risk and cost. If you are interested in the advance shipping cryptocurrency idea, then visit their site.

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