Should there be a Screening Test for Teachers?


Teachers are considered to be the pillars of the society. These are the people who hold the key to making or breaking a whole generation. However, the recent upsurge in educational pressure-driven anxiety, depression and related mental disorders has forced the authorities to take a deeper look into the issue. As the suicide and mental health ratios shoot up in almost the majority of teens nowadays, a number of questions arise over their high school and college teaching methods. Whether it is the bullying, the pressure of studies, family problems or relationship issues; parents and educational experts are constantly failing to identify the root cause behind each suicide.

Scientific Evidence:

To find a solution, the University of Southern California conducted research where they concluded in implementing stricter policies at the school level. Most mental health issues found in teens start from home, but according to the research, they get even worse at college. The budding fact that there are hardly any counselors and psychiatrists present at schools combined with teachers who fail to develop a professional relationship with their students is enough to prove the research accurate.

Screening Test for Teachers

While we focus on finding the solution, most schools in the US believe in having a screening test for teachers they hire. This is not just for meeting their educational standards but also ensuring whether teachers understand how important these growing issues are. In lieu of that, every school adopted a new hiring system where they introduced effective screening methods to improve teaching quality and conditions at the school.


What does the Screening Tests comprise of?

Generally, each school asked over a list of things including the applicant’s GPA, educational background, previous experiences, and professional references and then conducted a written test followed by an interview. However, these were just normal requirements. Many schools, in addition to this, asked the teachers to teach a demo in order to judge their teaching capabilities. Apart from their teaching style, experts took a closer look at how teachers approached each of their student’s problems and helped them to open what was bothering them.

Although a demo class was not enough to find all that, judging the teacher’s attitude and their way of communicating with the students was enough to identify their behaviour in the long term.

Are regular screening tests effective?

Honestly, they are effective. Students at the peak point of their careers are going through a lot. With increasing pressures from the family and studies, combined with high expectations to perform better, they, most of the time look forward to their teachers for moral and emotional support. And in such situations, teachers must be professional enough to understand them and communicate as much as they can.

Besides that, universities in both the UK and the United States are also focusing on making teaching more attractive by hiring high-quality teachers to not only make students comfortable in classrooms but also generate better opportunities for their development and career advancements. In other words, if the students would feel a positive vibe towards their teachers and grading instructors, they would be more inclined to taking their subjects in universities.

In other words, screening tests can help in successful hiring of a teacher that is “suitable” for students, instead of recruiting the one which is nothing but successful. Different universities have adopted different methods of conducting teacher screening tests. This fact speaks volumes about the challenge which the profession of teaching actually is. We can only hope that these tests work wonders for all the students in the long run.


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