Startup vs Big Corporations: Which one is more Profitable?


We all have to work in our lives in order to grow, learn, get independent and earn from the source we love. That source can be your business, job, or artistic creativity. But a lot of people do not like the 9 to 5 routine. Due to which the interest of people in the job sector has reduced. A lot of people are either switching to startups or freelancing, in order to do what they love and produce the best out of it. But is it really worth it to switch from your corporate job and begin a startup?

Here is a little comparison of the pros and cons of both working in a big corporation or setting a startup.

Big Corporations:

Pools of Investment:

Larger organizations have their shares sold. For every penny it makes, so do the investors. Thus, investment opportunities are infinite as long as the company is earning quite a profit. Even if the company is running in the loss for some time, the salaries of its employee are not affected at all.

Regular Jobs:

Big corporations have a fixed working time that is usually 9 to 5. No early morning calls and no late-night work hassles.

Fixed Paycheque:

Employees at a corporate job have a fixed paycheque that goes on incrementing with time and experience but that too to a certain limit.

Retirement and Health Benefits:

Larger companies actually provide their employees with a lot of retirement benefits. In addition to pension, and retirement plans they are also given health coverage. Moreover, they can also provide you a month-long paid vacation but only on a genuine basis.

Startup Business:

Opportunities for Entrepreneurship:

Startup is more than just a job. You have to work day and night with your small team to find your way through the market. But once you have realized your potential in the market, in no time, your company would be seen on a larger perspective all over the world.


As said earlier, the startup is more than just a job. To succeed in your related field, you need to have the right amount of skill sets, knowledge, motivation and creativity to devise ways for your business. Which ultimately broadens your views and maximizes the chances of progress.

No Fixed amount of Earning:

Startups can possibly take quite a time before actually setting up and start making profits. You might even have to run that on your own money rather making more. But once they are set enough, the profits can be of millions on a daily basis!

Huge Risks:

Startups have a huge risk involved. According to Forbes, 90% of startups fail. But look on the brighter side you can be in the 10% of people who succeed, only if you pour your heart to it. And what’s fun in life if one has never taken a risk?

Working in a huge corporation can be safe and risk involved is less but you would be a mediocre all your life. While with a startup, you can actually be a billionaire in no time. So, the choice is yours whether you want to be a millionaire or a 9 to 5 wage earner.


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