Strategies to Succeed at Mobile Marketing, the SEO Way



Do you happen to see more mobile devices than the actual human population? Well, that is because, with every passing second, around nine new users connect themselves to this revolutionized era of technology. Smartphones have extended their spiderweb of networking and connectivity to a multitude of users who are constantly probing for new updates and ways to enhance their experience.

The intervention of Smartphones in Business:

According to a social survey, 60% of the people across the world own a mobile phone. Smart devices have not just reshaped our lives but have also changed the way we communicate, commercialize and carry out businesses online. In fact, 32% of the businesses are set up over the internet and carried all along on a simple mobile phone. Probably one of the reasons why mobile marketing is thriving right now. Large corporations and successful start-ups know the importance of mobile marketing for driving sales and sustainability which is why they are constantly enhancing their mobile marketing strategies.

To outshine your competitors in this growing era of online businesses, we bring you a bunch of SEO mobile marketing strategies to follow.

Mobile Friendly Website

The first step in setting up a strong foothold is to have a mobile-friendly website. While most of your audience use a mobile phone, it is important to have a website that detects mobile layout and fits perfectly within the size of a user’s screen. You could also make sure they are responsive, navigable and have a URL specifically for mobile users so to attract a maximum of audience. All these factors, when well taken care of, will ultimately contribute to the successful implementation of your SEO strategy.

Optimized Content

Good and useful content is key to reaching to your mobile audience. People who use mobile phones use short keywords for search queries. And since they have a small screen, most don’t prefer reading large unformatted texts. Use more headlines that are short, to-the-point and keyword based.

Target Mobile Phone Users

While many businesses run online, a large number of them still prefer having a web-based existence. Picture this: a user sees your ad from his mobile devices, gets interested and immediately orders your services or products within a matter of seconds while he is on the go. Therefore, when you carry out ads and campaigns, make sure to target audience that uses mobile phones.

Marketing Campaigns

If you want to take the competition a little next level, we suggest using SMS and Email marketing campaigns. Since most people check their emails on mobile phones, use the platform to promote your business through emails and SMS along with a redirecting link to your website.

This way, you’ll not only market your product, but also traffic audience to your sites.

Mobile Apps

To make full use of mobile marketing, a great strategy is to have a mobile application of your business product. Despite having a smartphone, some people still don’t prefer browsing through websites. Hence, it is better to have an application for both Android and iOS platforms so you could have an extended array of features and drive more traffic and sales opportunities.

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media largely happens on mobile phones. So interacting through major social media apps is a plus point for any business since you are more likely to find users there.

According to the recent statistics, Facebook, in terms of engagement and connectivity grows 7% every year. Other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter provide excessive grounds for targeting your audience. Just remember to research which network suits best to convey your message.

In short, if you are not paying attention to mobile marketing, you are probably missing out on big opportunities for growing and establishing your business. Take help from the above-mention SEO mobile marketing tips in order to properly take advantage of this strategy.

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