Style your Home with Latest Interior Designing Trends


As the first quarter of 2019 comes to an end, a number of interior designers have introduced some eye-catching and fantastic home décor trends for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. With new wall patterns, antique furniture and fresh colours in use; it is now very easy to turn our homes into stylish hotel like living spaces.

Read on below to find out some creative new designing trends for your homes in 2019:


Making Room for Natural Elements

Most of 2018 brought trends that included tech gadgets and robots, which dominated most of our homes. This year, let’s introduce a fresher vibe around by using more of stone, concrete, granite and copper materials so your surrounding looks more fresh and healthy. Besides, you can also use indoor plants such as cactus, Swiss plants, figs and Aloe Vera to absorb extra CO2 from your homes.

Velvet Couches

If there is anything that looks more luxurious and drool-worthy, it is velvet sofas. Although to some people, it might seem old-fashioned believe it or not, this trend is back in the market and is already gaining a lot of attention!

Painted Ceilings

Painted ceilings will remind you of art museums and galleries. This beautiful designing trend for 2019 hits back at why we have been ignoring the ceilings for so long. Whether you want to put a wallpaper or paint it using a dark colour, ceilings can make your bedroom and living rooms a whole lot of formal and fancier at the same time.

Making your Living Spaces Multi-functional

With more adaptation of the idea of decluttering and less furniture among people, the interior designing trend of multifunctional spaces is a great way to modernize our homes. Use built-in wall-cupboards, beds with storage spaces underneath, foldable sofas and cabinet drawers. Think about incorporating multi-use spaces to not only have more space in your homes but also minimize the extra mess of furniture outside.

Floral Patterns

Be it for wall posters, couch designs, tablemats, or even curtains; the floral patterns are always a big hit. Make them look more happening, by using exaggerated patterns and contrasting colour combinations.

Brass Furnishings

Steel is old and it is everywhere. While 2019 is all about experimenting with new décor, brass is one of them. Instead of stainless steel and nickel in our kitchens and bathrooms, make way for brass furnishings to bring a surprisingly new change.

Black and White

The retro black and white trend never gets old! It’s a timeless design trend that not just balances the entire home space but also make it look ravishingly beautiful. You can paint white walls and pick black and white furniture or the other way round!

Geometric Patterns

This isn’t a new trend. It is something that goes away and comes back every two years. This year, these patterns are revolutionized with exuberant colours, bolder patterns and oversized design prints. Use them in your bathrooms, backyard or near the fireplace, and it will finish the entire look with its presence.


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