Support of Bing Ads Now Available for 2nd Description and 3rd Headline in Text Ads



As the world of Search engines grows at full throttle, the importance of placing ads on Search Engine Result Pages has also reached a whole new level of advancement. The Ad placing technique by Google is well acknowledged by eCommerce giants who believe in the power of the internet over the users.

Bing following Google’s ideas:

Following the footsteps of its top competitor, Bing Ads to has added support for a second description tab and the third headline in its text ads. The update is exactly similar to Google AdWords’ and came soon after Google’s decision in August 2018.

The update is Right on time!

Users noticed the change in the latest version of Bing Ads Editor, which had updated automatically for them. With the year-end holidays and shopping season coming over, advertisers and marketing agencies will have greater chances to boost their competitiveness. They not only have to attract customers but also look out for what their rivals are up to. Although the update may not make a spark difference, but advertisers must know how to use them strategically.

How Does Bing Ads Work?

Bing Ads is essentially built upon the core principle of modern marketing techniques, which is the promotion of eCommerce and business websites via Ads displayed on Search Engine Research Pages and online websites.


Access to Target Audience:

Let’s dig a little into the background in order to understand the update. With Bing Ads, companies can reach a large number of audience, which can later turn into their quality customers. For instance, when you search for a specific keyword, or search for a service, search engines show you ads related to your query along with the results. The ad could be a link, a display of an image, text, or a video of the particular product redirecting you to its website. Now whether you want to make a purchase, do a survey, or just sign up, their goal is to take you to their website or application.

Improved Conversion Rates:

Each customer visit to a website is called a conversation or in technical terms, cost-per-acquisition (CPA). The higher the CPA, the more money search engines make. Always remember, the company is never charged until the customer clicks on their ad, which is known as cost-per-click (CPC). Bing Ads and Google AdWords have actually opened new avenues for businesses to attract their target audience to their site.  Bing Ads usually have lower CPC and CPA as compared to Google AdWords. The reason for this cost difference is obvious.

Are Bing Ads really worth it?

Since the category of the audience using Bing search engine largely varies from that of Google, techniques such as CPC and CPA have less impact. According to a survey, most of them belong to higher age groups and are mature individuals. Therefore, using Bing Ads can let a company target specific audiences using relevant keywords, location info, the language they mainly speak, and the device they tend to use.


What else is there on Bing Ads update?

The new Bing Ads update seems to be a complete package for online business owners. Here is what is included in it so far:

Addition of headline and description tab:

The update involving an extra headline and a second description tab can let you add more characters to your ad making it more descriptive and easier to explain. Each headline can be of maximum 30 characters long and the descriptions up to 90 characters. You will find these additional tabs right after you update the Bing Ads portal. Also, note that there has not been a new name for this; they will appear in the expanded text ads, which are slightly different from the standard text ads.


A new Competition tab!

Bing seems to be taking the online marketplace very seriously. One of the most important additions which were made in the new Bing Ads update package is a new competition tab. This tab lends the facility of viewing and monitoring the activities of competitor sites for advertisers. Furthermore, this tab is also designed to provide you useful insights and tips which can help small businesses in standing up on their feet by surpassing their competitors.

Insights on Shopping Campaign placement:

Absolute Top impressions, reports and click share metrics play an important role in deciding the placement of shopping campaigns anywhere. This new update will offer the users the maximization of their click potential in order to sustain in a competitive marketplace.


Test Runs are essential:

With the competition now booming on social media and the internet, advertising companies should think wisely before putting up ads. Although Bing Ads or Google AdWords seem like an amazing option for advertisement, you must ensure that your advertisements run successfully by initiating test runs.  It is always advisable to test each ad before running them so you can avoid any errors.



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