Take care of your Curls with these Tips


Curly hair is gifted. Not everyone can carry them. They are unique and each curly strand is just beautiful as others. Despite how good they look, the painful truth about their care and diligence is what every woman with naturally curly hair can relate to. Your unpredictable styles, uncountable tangling and low moisture can sometimes be very irritating. Women with curly hair often encounter the frustration of fly away ends, frizzy texture and overall bad outlook of the hair. To help you cope with curly hair problems, a number of curly hair experts have shared their insights online.

To prevent such situations, we have combined a few hair care tips to manage your curly hair so they can stay irresistibly gorgeous!

Apply shampoo to Dry Hair

Sounds strange but it works. Apply shampoo carefully to your dry hair and to each strand before you get into the shower. This way, you will also know which part of your scalp need the most attention while detangling all the hair before they get wet. This will help in restoration of curl pattern and cleaning of scalp without damaging the curls.

Use your Fingers for detangling

Many women make the mistake of using brushes and fine toothed combs for brushing curly hair. This is not a good choice. The best tool you can use to detangle is your fingers. Try not to use any harsh combs or brushes for that.

Use Conditioners

Curly hair tends to be dry more often because the oils don’t reach the end of the scalp due to all the curls. For that purpose, nourish them with good conditioner after every shower to make them soft and smooth.

Protect your Hair with a Serum

Curly hair girls can relate to all the extra frizz after blow-drying, and every morning when they wake up. Apply a good nourishing serum to tame your hair and keep them more manageable.

Be very gentle

Heat is the rival of your curly hair. Don’t blow-dry or towel-dry after every wash. Instead, tilt your head and gently squeeze the hair to get rid of excess water.

Use a Diffuser

One of the biggest problems of curly hair is to dry them. In cases when you just have to use the hair dryer, try to use a diffuser and a hair protectant spray along with it. The diffuser will help reduce frizz by evenly distributing all the heat preventing the dryer to focus on just one part of your hair. Remember, not to over-dry them.

Don’t Brush a lot

It might seem different, but don’t brush your curly hair. It should be the last thing you should be doing. Excessive brushing will break away your natural curls and provoke more frizz. You can comb a bit when they are wet but definitely never on dry hair.

Skip Shampooing Everyday

Whether it is for work or for college, avoid shampooing your curly hair every day. Frequent shampoo can take away all the oil from your hair making them even drier.

Get away from excessive heat

Blow drying, curling or ironing – all of these are your enemies. Curly hair is fragile and they cannot bear intense heat every day. Avoid these the most you can. Even when you have to, use high-quality protectants and serums prior to it.

Keep your hair intact at Night

The best way to keep your curls neat and tidy is to tie them on top of your head overnight. This will keep them intact and not get all kinky every morning!





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