Black Hole

All you need to Know about the Latest Black Hole Image


Black holes have been the center of attention for decades. Since their discovery, the actual image of the black hole remained a mystery for quite a time. Many scientists proposed different connects about it but not a single one of them was satisfying. Recently, scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) program presented the first-ever image of the black hole after two years of hard work.

Black Hole

This photo of a black hole, with blazing red and yellow circles, has opened a new pathway for space studies. This image will not only help us in understanding these black holes better but will also guide us in discovering other proposed theories related to them.


Curious? Here are all the things you need to know about this discovery.

Actual Definition of a Black Hole:

Black holes come into creation when gigantic stars collapse. Their matter is then crashed down into a huge amount of infinitely many small pieces. Surprisingly, the moment it happens laws of physics get defied especially in terms of space and time. The gravitational pull of these black holes consumes everything that comes in its way. It is so strong that they don’t even let the light escape through them. Although, the event horizon, the boundary of a black hole, allows light to escape through it. That’s why the center of this image is black in color while the boundary has a combination of red and yellow through which the light passes.  

What took so long to have an actual picture?

As stated, the strong gravitational pull of the black holes doesn’t let light escape through them. Light falls into them but isn’t reflected back. That’s why the scientists were unable to take a photograph for quite a long time. But they recently used a technique called Very-long-baseline Interferometry or VLBI. Through which the image had become possible. However, that also required an analysis of complex data structures and algorithms.

Why these Black Holes remained a Constant field of interest?

Black holes, by nature, are a mysterious and fascinating space phenomenon. Their ability to consume the nearby objects and their immense size made scientists curious about their properties. When different theories were proposed about their physical aspects, the concept also became the interest of the general public. Hence, curiosity led to the discovery of this image.

Why this Image of the Black Hole is so important for Scientists?

The image of this black hole aligned with Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In addition, what the scientists discovered was also satisfying their expectations about the black holes. That means, their concepts and theories about them were right. Undoubtedly, this discovery has also encouraged scientists to prove the other space-related conjectures.

The discovery leads to a new era of the space sciences. Scientists are now looking forward to furthering space-related theories. Analyzing their proposed features, properties and actually proving them has now become their very goal.

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