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WhatsApp, one of a widely used messaging service, has an estimated 1.5 billion users around the world. Over the last ten years, with the extensive use of smartphones, people have felt WhatsApp as not only a necessity but also a vital source of communication in their lives. The popularity of this app is undeniable and it has emerged as one of the most favorite social apps during the span of the last couple of years. However, the owners are constantly on the hunt for finding and introducing new features to streamline functionalities and productivity of this app for the users. With the start of the new year, we are hoping to see some radical updates in 2019.

Enhanced business features

Now owned by Facebook, the messaging application had also adopted a number of similar features that currently Facebook offers. Moreover, within the course of just 3 months, a number of Updates have radically changed how we use WhatsApp and personalize it for our businesses tasks. Let’s have a look at the latest updates that are about to launch and the ones unleashed a couple of weeks ago.

Controversial New Year Update

Soon to be launched in 2019, this update has sparked a new wave of controversy after WhatsApp’s official announcement in the preceding week. The application vows to bring adverts in its status in order to monetize the famous feature. The Status or the Stories, similar to the ones on Instagram and Facebook, are a way of posting a picture or video message that lasts only for 24 hours. Following in the footsteps of incorporation of ads for monetization purposes, WhatsApp aims to introduce a similar model for business owners.

How will the users take it?

In an attempt to sell businesses through WhatsApp, the company wants to set up a monetization model for itself through the new feature. However, a number of users have threatened to uninstall the application and declared the move as ‘upsetting’ after WhatsApp had promised to never use Ads way back in 2012.

Previously, at the start of 2018, WhatsApp got a whole new “Stories” makeover which was straightaway detested by its dedicated users. After a short span of hateful reviews, the company owners were forced to re-introduce the “Status” feature into the app in order to please both ends of the user spectrum. To predict any such thing about the upcoming update would be immature right now but we can say this for sure: If the company continues to neglect the customer-satisfaction as they have done in the past, most of the users will be forced to bid farewell to the app and shift to new Messaging apps like WeChat and Viber.  Let’s just hope that the owners pay attention to market competition as well.

Recover Deleted Media Files

For people who might have deleted their media files after re-downloading the app or by an accident, can finally breathe again through this new Update. Applicable since November 2018, this update has allowed users to recover their lost files, which they may have deleted from their phone’s storage for downloading again.

However, the users must also keep note of the fact that these media files have a certain downloadable time limit. After this, the files are also removed from the servers. It is also great for people who have lost their phones and backups or the ones who are poised to change smartphones frequently.

Group Messages Update

Introduced as a new feature to group chats, this update will let users have more control over large groups on WhatsApp. Previously, if you created a group on WhatsApp, the entire group could have messages shared between them. However, with the update, the admins will have an option to send messages either in a separate thread for all other admins or with just the group members. If they choose to interact with only the admins, the non-admins may only be able to see the messages but will not be able to respond to them.

This will not only help manage large groups efficiently but also erase the burden of replying to immense responses for the administrators. To enable this new addition, go to ‘group info’ and select ‘group settings’. Under the settings option, select whether you want to communicate to ‘all participants’ or just the admins. This app has been one of the greatest updates introduced by WhatsApp owners and we personally love it!


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