Tips to perfect Good Night’s Sleep


Do you wonder why sometimes you’re having a lousy day at work? From the lack of concentration to feeling drained out every minute, you may find a number of stressors interfering with your work productivity. Well, that is simply because you did not have proper sleep last night. A good night’s sleep counts as much as your regular exercise and healthy eating does.

Research also shows that a poor sleeping pattern is likely to affect your routine the next day; disturbing your brain function, work performance and food intake. However, at times, regardless of how tired you are, reading a book, using Facebook, watching a TV Show, or a sleep difficulty disrupts our sleep routine. The problem gets serious if this has become an everyday activity. Here are nine simple tips to help you get a perfect sleep at night:


Follow a Consistent Sleeping Schedule

Try to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at a similar time every morning. Having a stable sleeping routine will help you fall asleep quickly as you go to bed. Practice this for a week, and there won’t be any need for an alarm clock.

Avoid Irregular Naps in Daytime

Even though short naps are great to relieve stress and exhaustion, but napping longer than 30 minutes can negatively influence your sleeping pattern. If you take a long nap during the day, you will probably find it difficult to sleep at night.

Don’t take Caffeine after 6pm

Caffeine is best when consumed in the morning. It stimulates your brain and enhances focus on your daily routine tasks. However, when you take it after 6pm or later than that, it may prevent your body from relaxing at night.


Sleep in No Lights or Dim Lights

In order to sleep peacefully, your brain needs a relaxing environment where the lights are neither too bright nor very sharp. It is best to sleep with the lights off or a small night bulb if you prefer. Apart from switching off the lights, keep the electronic devices away from your bed in order to stop the electromagnetic waves from interfering with your brain waves during sleeping.

Set a Considerate Bedroom Temperature

If it is cold outside, make sure you are wearing something warm and have set the room’s temperature slightly high to match with your body’s temperature. On the other hand, keep yourself light and comfortable if you live in a hot location. Room temperature highly affect your sleep quality, comfort and ease.

Take a Hot Bath

According to a study, a relaxing bath right before you go to bed improves your sleep quality and helps fall asleep faster. Hot baths open skin pores and enhance blood circulation to limbs and torso. As a result, your body stress is relieved, blood flow to your brain is reduced and you fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

Use the bed only for Sleeping

Your bed should be a place strictly reserved for rest, not stress. Make sure to go to bed only when you are sleepy or actually trying to sleep. Don’t designate the place for watching TV, using your phone, or reading a book.

Keep Yourself Physically Active

Doing regular cardio exercises like walking, running or cycling are not only speedy calorie-burning workouts but also help you fall asleep faster at nights. When you will feel tired after a long day of working out, you’ll asleep quickly.

Use a comfortable Pillow

Other than the lights and environment, you need a comfortable pillow and mattress to prevent any back and neck aches and help you sleep well. A comfortable, fluffy pillow will keep your breathing smooth and help in relieving body stress.


Aromatherapy is another amazing hack for attaining a good night’s sleep. Soak a tissue paper in Chamomile or Lavender essential oil and place it under you pillow. If nothing else works, aromatherapy with these oils will help you fall asleep almost instantly.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to keep yourself up and running in your busy life routine. Instead of harming your physical and mental health due to lack of sleep, get help from these tips in order to get a proper sleep at night. Start afresh every day!


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