Top 10 tech gadgets to look out for in 2019.



Tech Gadgets are nothing short of sweet treats for tech-geeks and innovation lovers. One on hand these gadgets are revolutionizing our day to day tasks. While on the other hand, latest tech gadgets are opening new doorways for invention and innovation.

As the world of AI, VR and AR is advancing, people are looking forward to a new world of automation. An upcoming era in which human beings have employed so many robots and computers in their life that they do everything for us. Perhaps, this is the ultimate goal of rapidly growing technology.  However, for now, let’s focus on the latest tech products and speculate all the ways in which they can be useful for us.

Here is the list of top 10 technology gadgets of 2019 that everyone should look forward to.


Anki Vector Robot:

The Anki Vector Robot is a marvelous example of modern Artificial Intelligence. It not only answers your queries but also reacts when you touch it but also plays games with you. The robot navigates in its surrounding using HD cameras. The greatest advantage is that it can go to charging dock on its own when the battery starts running low.

Google Home Hub:

Google Home Hub is more than just an assistant to you. The vibrant 7-inch screen also lets you watch videos on YouTube. Moreover, auto-sync of the Home Hub with Google Photos lets it display slideshows of your photos, when not in use. Thus, it can work as a unique piece of tech-aesthetics in your home.

Samsung’s The Wall TV:

Samsung, no doubt, never disappoints its customers. This year, it has launched an enormous 219-inch and 146-inch MicroLED TV screens, bringing cinema to your house. Now you can enjoy Ultra 4K HD videos and movies with your friends and family.

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube:

Fire TV Cube introduced by Amazon is a very powerful and extreme quality streaming device for you. it has built-in microphones and fine quality speakers that let you interact with Alexa to order food, switch channels and change the input modes of your TV easily.

Olloclip’s Photography Set for iPhone X:

This product by Olloclip is entirely for mobile phone photographers. The set offers a range of snap-on lenses like a fisheye lens, superwide lens and also the macro lens. You can easily create multiple picture effects by using a single package of photography tools.

MoodoGo’s Portable Diffuser:

MoodGo’s portable aroma diffuser is a must-have gadget for everyone. All you need is just a USB port to power the diffuser, and the scented smart capsule does the rest of work for you. It is easy to carry around, making it the best choice to make your surrounding scented.

Heated Gillette Razors:

Gillette introduced heated razors in order to provide its customers with a professional kind of shaving experience at home. The blades heat up to 122 degrees, warming the lather and skin for a much comfortable and closer shave.

Nreal’s Mixed Reality Glasses:

Nreal’s mixed reality glasses are the perfect combination of augmented reality and virtual reality. These glasses sync the real world objects with the virtual world so that you have an entertaining experience like never before.

Video Doorbells:

Video doorbells are a new trend gaining attention. There are safe and more reliable gadget made for the ease of people.

SanDisk’s Extreme Portable Storage Drive:

Sandisk has always been the top rated company when it comes to storage devices. This device offers 2 TeraBytes of portable storage and can easily connect with any Windows, Mac or USB type-C compatible smartphones and devices

The world of technologies is vast and new innovations are only expanding its boundaries to unimaginable dimensions. These gadgets are just like a drop of water taken from the sea of technology devices. However, if proper use is made from these gadgets, they can prove to be a highly useful asset for our day to day lives.

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