Top 10 Traveling Hacks of all time



Traveling has an allure. An allure which entices even the oldest of souls to explore the beauty this world keeps in it. Apart from business travels, there are a number of reasons as to why you should travel during your lifetime. While exploring new places might sound like an adventure to some, for an avid traveler, traveling is an escape, a diversion to another world.

With all the benefit a traveling adventure could bring, some stressors such as expenses, accommodation and packing may ruin all your pleasure. We bring you ten traveling hacks that can save your precious time, money and energy so you could focus more on making life-long memories!

Smart Bookings

If you’re traveling alone, instead of staying at a hotel, rent out a single room through Airbnb. They offer reasonable and safe accommodations in private homes. Since you will be spending most of your time exploring the city, an expensive hotel room would be a costly idea.

Follow the Packing Trick

Don’t stash all your clothes in the luggage or neither make piles. This will take more space and carrying more than one luggage will be a heck throughout your journey. Simply roll out your clothes; you can also roll each of their matchings undergarments and socks for optimal saving.


Wear something with Deep Pockets

A coat or an upper with deep pockets will help you carry your phone, passport, wallet and other essentials with you while you are on the plane or on road trips. This is a great idea when you don’t feel like carrying a purse. If you are traveling to tropical places, it is advisable to carry a purse or a waist bag even so.


Fragile Luggage

While traveling, try to avoid carrying a lot of fragile items. If you do carry them, do not forget to pack them in layers of packaging material. To make sure your bag is handled with care while traveling, mark it as fragile. Ask your close friends to get you customized travel bags or get them yourself.

Carry a Water Bottle

We often forget drinking water while we’re on long flights or road journeys. Most of the frequent travelers never forget to keep a water bottle by their side during long trips. Keep a water bottle with you so you don’t have to buy one every time. Just get it refilled in planes and hotels.


Backup your Personal Documents

Foreign trips can be risky at times. During all the hassle of moving in and out of places, there are great chances of losing your documents. In case of any loss or theft, keep photocopies of all your documents or it is best to scan your ID card, passport, and tickets and mail them to yourself.

Download City Guide Apps beforehand

Whichever country you are traveling, research everything in advance. Apart from doing research about the worth-seeing places of the country you are visiting, it is best to get acquainted with the routes as well. If you find tour guides a bit old school, resort to downloading tour guide apps. Find a tour guide app and download it for travel locations, nearby food places, and sightseeing. You could also go for local guidebooks.

Use ATM’s rather than Money Converters

Cash is a basic necessity for traveling into foreign places. You do not want to lose a good percentage of your money in the name of currency exchange fees. Foreign money converters usually charge a fee when they convert it to their local currency. Therefore, use your credit cards and withdraw cash through local ATMs.  ATMs have only standard bank charges which are way lesser than the exchanger’s fees.

Don’t Unpack Everything at your Hotel

Most of the new travelers make the mistake of unpacking everything in their hotel rooms just for the sake of adding convenience to the busy schedules. However, doing so can actually create a lot of mess by the end of the trip. Not to mention the extra effort put in finding stuff and packing it all together by the end of the trip. When you arrive, unpack only the necessities from your bag pack. Try to make your stay more relaxed and so you won’t have a hard time repacking or forgetting something in a rush.


Eat Local Food

Eating out is tedious and on top of that, traveling makes it a challenging task to find the right food. Most travelers resort to fast food but there are plenty of other options to explore. Don’t waste your money on McDonalds or subway. Try the local food which will not only save you extra cash but also will give an enhanced experience of the home-grown taste and culture of the place you are visiting.

In short, instead of ruining your trips with unnecessary and unexpected problems, it is best to stick to a well-planned strategy in order to make the most of your trip.


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