Top 10 Video Editors for Beginner YouTubers


There was a time when video editing was only done through professional support. A single video took hours of formatting and expert attention so to come out to its finest shape. And the best part, it only happened for Hollywood or multinational companies. The reduced popularity of video editing along with its restricted scope of usage did not allow much of the users to access it easily.

Fast forward to twenty years later, video editing is as common as any other profession. All you need now is a good editor, an ingenious mind and a knack for creating quality videos. Apart from eliminating the hassle of video editing, these software have also helped the young Youtubers to generate good sums of money via Youtube. For those of you looking to start a career on YouTube, these ten editing software should be your top picks.

AVS Video Editor

If this is your first time editing a video, we recommend the AVS Editor. It has the easiest drag-and-drop functions that not only help to transition but also understand which function does what. Along with support for all video formats, AVS also offers a number of features as well. All you need to do is drag and drop the elements which you want to incorporate in the video and the rest of the process will be instructed to you by AVS Video Editor for the most part.

Pinnacle Studio 2.0

If you have a liking for plenty of editing features, Pinnacle Studio 2.0 is the best pick for you. It is one of the best editing software that comprises over 1500 effects, transitions and features for accurate editing. Besides being completely free, it has a drag and drop interface that makes it convenient for a beginner.

Iskysoft Video Editor

A very cheap and convenient software to start with, Iskysoft offers various modes for both beginner and pro users. You can easily edit and later download videos for uploading on YouTube.



If you want to boost your YouTube channel with short blog posts and video clips, this tool might be very useful. With a smooth drag-and-drop interface, Lumen5 makes it stress-free to create engaging social media videos and promos too.


Windows Movie Maker

Known to be an ideal video editor for YouTube, this software program lets you make quick edits that don’t require any professional skills. However, it lacks filters and visual effects and can only be suitable for people using Windows versions that are below 7.


This editor is specifically designed for Mac Users. For others, there is a little cost of $14.99. IMovie also facilitates beginners with great features and graphics to edit and animate their videos.


Hitfilm Express

If you’re looking for a free editor to get started, try this one. One of the most powerful tools that let you start your editing career without paying for anything. Apart from its features, you can also purchase the premium version as you progress further.


YouTube Video Editor

Available for both Windows and Mac, YouTube’s free online editor could be a good kick-start to your video editing skills. However, as you advance forward, switch to better software as this lacks many features and effects.

Corel Video Studio

One of the finest editors that come with a price that is worth all its features. It includes 3D video editing, adding animation features, resizing, split screening and multi-track editing. It is only suitable for Windows but requires a little professional help to get started.


Adobe Premiere Elements

This program is widely regarded for beginners who like to use Adobe suites alongside video making. It has an easy interface with effects for slow motion, speeding up and video sharing. Great for small videos. It costs $99.99 when purchased with the suite.

Youtube Video editing can be intimidating for the beginners but with the right set of tools and a sound, creative mind, most of the people can learn it in a short span of time. So, next time you are stuck in a bottleneck situation regarding Youtube Video editing, refer to our list of top 10 video editors for beginner Youtubers.



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