Top 5 Unconventional Careers that Let You Earn More



Are you tired of hearing about the same professions; Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer and Manager as the only ones which are highly paid? Then this one’s for you. No doubt, these are all noble professions with a high pay-scale and a well-maintained reputation but there are a variety of other career options present out there. These career choices are not only interesting and easy but also some of the highest paid occupations in the world.

For starters, here is a reality check; Gone are the days when a degree was considered as the only solid bait to attract a good salary package. Today, owners of successfully running small businesses are in fact, richer and way more satisfied than the forced doctors and engineers. The current century is undoubtedly the century of digital innovation which is why new career ideas are emerging in the market with each passing day.

Here is a list of 5 unconventional careers in the world that surprisingly let you earn more money.

Adventure Trips Guide/Leader:

Average salary per annum: $50,000

Believe it, getting paid for traveling around the world, what’s better than that? An adventure trip leader with some high-risk adventure and thrill activities gets paid a lot more than the figures mentioned. Moreover, all travel-related expenses, accommodation and health coverage is provided by the company. All you have to do is just travel the world and get the money for showing it to the people traveling with you.


Average salary per annum: $71,666

Do you love cooking, discovering new flavors and experimenting with new recipes? If yes, then you’re at the right place because adopting the hobby you love as a profession will be a source of great inspiration, success, progress, and happiness not only for you but also for other people. Because when you love the work you do, you pour your heart into it. In doing so, your skills get polished and people will love only to eat at your restaurant.


Average salary per annum: $101,630

If you’re good at Mathematics, Programming, Physics, and Chemistry but don’t want to go to the field of engineering, then astronomy is the answer for you. But since the career as an astronomer also requires distinctive, unique, deep thinking and observational abilities, Ph.D. is required at least as a minimum level of qualification. Honest opinion, you must go in this field if you are actually thrilled by the stars and galaxies.

Ethical Hacker:

Average salary per annum: $132,322

To be a hacker may sound awkward in the first place but actually, if you use your cyber hacking skills rightfully, there’s no other career better than this one. Ethical hackers do the exact same thing. Utilizing their skills to crack the programs and codes they report to the companies about the security glitches and bugs contained within their programs and then get paid for that. It is one of the most demanding and high-salary jobs in the world with a lot of other complementary facilities.

Stunts Performer:

Average salary per annum: $250,000

Cinema is one of the oldest and ever-growing business in the history of the world. And what makes it alive? Action. Stunt doubles are the highly-trained professionals who perform challenging and life-risking stunts for different actors. Since the risk is high, they are not only paid loads of money but also given health and life insurances free of cost in order to cover the case of any injury, temporary or permanent.

Choosing a career is entirely a personal choice and you must not be forced into a profession which you are not passionate about. We hope that the above-mentioned list of unconventional yet high paying careers can help in fulfilling your desire for finding thrilling employment!


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