Top 5 VR Games to Play in 2019


Ever since its evolution, Virtual Reality has gripped everyone to their seats. Whether it is about watching an interactive movie, experiencing the world through your virtual headset or playing a VR game in a simulated environment, the excitement gets better each time.

And it might just get bigger in 2019. If you are a fan of VR, your life just might take an interesting turn in the ongoing year. Just as AI, VR is also expected to take a huge turn in 2019.

According to the updates, many tech giants have dropped trailers for a surprising number of VR games that are to release this year. With skyrocketing budgets, intense graphics and experience massive as ever, these games will surely be the ones to wait for!

Let us find out the top five most anticipated VR Games to look forward to:


Set to release somewhere in 2019, this action-packed robot shooting game by Insomniac Games is all about repairing yourself and finding your friends before you get shot by one of the sci-fi weapons! It will be available on Oculus Rift platforms worldwide. Are you ready to fight?

Population: One

Battling in Virtual Reality game can’t get any better! Population: One, developed by BigBox VR, is said to one of the most fascinating battle royale games ever made. Although it was already launched on Windows before, now various VR platforms such as Rift, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality are hyped to bring it out here. It is time to build, battle, blast guns and escape your way out!


Experiencing VR in an adventure game will be a nerve-wracking combination. Also on Oculus Rift, this spy thriller is all about spying your enemies, tracking them down from airplanes, chasing them at different places until you finally shoot them down!

There are multiple scenarios to keep gamers enthralled throughout. It was due in 2018 but were delayed a bit. Looking to forward to this Rift adventure!

A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale is an interesting puzzle game that lets you solve brainy puzzles to escape from the lighthouse you’re trapped in. Set to release in the first quarter of 2019, this game is developed by Innerspace VR and published through Vertigo Games. The mind-bending features, upside down and inside out realities makes the game even more interactive. Whether you are seeing yourself or a plastered version of you in the sky, wait for it to find out!

Platforms: Rift, PSVR, Vice, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Zed is a story of an aging man with lost hopes, dying from dementia. It is an adventurous game where this man is trying to piece together a children’s book from all his past memories for his to-be-born granddaughter. With beautiful graphics and an emotional storyline, Zed will keep you intact throughout the adventure.

Although the release date is not announced yet, the game is set for an early release in 2019. Its development and design is being done by Eagre Studios and will be available on a number of Platforms such as PC, Rift, and Vive.

In short, VR Games are complete packages of amplified gaming experience, entertainment, and thrill. If you want to take a step out of the box and explore something new from the world of gaming, VR games are your best option.


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