Top 7 Nutrition Tracking Apps


Mind it; we all get weight conscious at some point in our lives. Be it for maintaining proper health or just for imitating fitness models, the phobia does get strong. However, it is important to know that keeping a trail of your diet, accurate consumption of calories and knowing how to burn them every day might get complicated at times.

Gone are the days when people could rely on the advice of fitness trainers alone to meet their weight loss goals. Today’s technology advanced world calls for us to stay one step-ahead in terms of accuracy and convenience. Keeping in view this fact, the introduction of fitness and nutrition tracking apps has found to be really effective in meeting your daily intake goals and never exceeding the recommended quantities.  Several apps have been launched to assist users in a number of ways. The basic of goals of all the apps ever released revolve around making day-to-day tasks easier and manageable for the users as well as to offer chances for interactive innovation.

To keep you on track and well-informed with your food choices, we bring you a list of 7 nutrition tracking apps that not only personalize what you should eat but also motivate you all along to meet your targets. Read on below to find out:

My Fitness Pal

One of the most popular fitness apps up to date, My Fitness Pal has everything that you are looking for. Besides being absolutely free, it is available for both iOS and Android apps. It has an immensely organized food database that lets you add any food item you eat which it later breaks down into a long list of nutrients and calories, so you can have a better idea. Plus, it also lets you invite your own friends or people from all over the world to trade each other’s success stories.

My Plate

We know that sometimes it is impossible to stay in a target when you have tough schedules, are always eating out, or taking junk food breaks between meals. My Plate is a food-tracking app that takes on your weight loss journey just as you want. If you are looking to lose weight gradually, you can pick the easy or moderate mode, else the challenging mode to get going on a high pace.

Lose It

Lose it also offers support for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is a very simple and convenient app especially for beginners who don’t have any idea where to start. It will help you stay in your daily calorie budget and recommend exercises to burn if any.



At times, knowing just the calories isn’t enough. And for that matter, Nutrients comprehensively breaks down the fats, vitamins, minerals and carb content from your food. This helps you know what you eat, particularly if you are opting for ketogenic or fruit diets, without depending on a nutritionist.

Fat Secret

Fat Secret is a free food-tracking and calorie counter app. It comprises of a food database, food barcode scanner, healthy recipes to get you in shape, exercise log, and a weight chart to meet your weight loss goals. It also offers various challenges to keep you motivated!


Cron-o-meter lets you keep track of your day-to-day exercises along with calories. Interestingly, it recommends what to eat and what to exercise based on your diets (paleo, low-carb or low-fat diets) and medical conditions.

Spark People

Just like the ones above, Spark People is also a nutrition/calorie counter that straightforwardly displays all your day’s food intakes in form of a pie chart. Recipes are easy to add, and the application includes a ton of blogs, online food community and exercise demos to get going.

The above-mentioned nutrition tracking apps can truly save you from wasting lump sums on ill-skilled fitness trainers. Not to mention the fact that by using these apps you will not have to leave the comfort of your home simply because you want to know about your daily nutrition intake. Anyone who is trying to lose, gain or maintain his or her weight is recommended to give these apps a shot and see the magic unfold.


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