Top 7 SEO Tools for Bloggers


Running a blog is not that easy anymore. It is not like those days where you could write about anything that you fantasized over. As the world of technology continues to stun the audience with new tools and inventions every day, you can no longer rely on cliché principles to become a successful blogger. Google, Bing and other search engines have now become more focused on user behaviors than ever before. Times like this call for innovation from the blogger’s end. This innovation can be found in the form of SEO tools.

Just as the blogging platforms improved, the competition did too. Which is why these days you cannot possibly survive without network traffic, smart SEO strategies, and deep analysis techniques. Don’t panic, there are countless tools that can help reclaim your lost rank on the search engines result page. Find out from our list of top seven SEO tools below:



Regardless of how well you’re doing at your blogging end, there could be some technical aspects that you might be missing out. We know that your audience should be your primary focus; hence using Ahrefs could come out as very productive. It is a powerful research tool that helps you monitor your blog’s performance and rankings. Apart from guiding how to increase your outreach, it also lets you track how your competitors are doing and what you can do to beat them.

Google Analytics

In this Google-dependent era, it is pivotal that you have google analytics. From knowledge about Google’s algorithms, site visitors and network traffic to analyze your content, this tool should be a must-have.

Keyword Planner

Are you finding it troublesome to find relevant keywords? Well, this tool will keep you covered. Not only it will help you research new keywords, but also group them into lists and provide traffic estimates for them.


The trends change very quickly in the world of SEO. If you don’t keep yourself updated, your blog might end up lagging behind your competitors. It is all about research and knowing what the right trend to follow is. For that purpose, we recommend MozBar. Once you subscribe for the tool, a small toolbar sits up right at the top of your browser. When you click on it, it generates an instant report, on every website you visit. It has three main categories, Page Elements, link data, and page attributes.


The biggest difficulty that bloggers often come across is how and where to fit the right keywords. KWFinder, for that matter, helps you find the perfect keywords that match your content. The tool analyses your text, backlinks and then defines whether long tail or short keywords will suit best.



If you want to find out some detailed traffic data, Woorank might just be the best. It can analyze any website within seconds and generate insightful geodata including traffic estimation, rank, social shareability, and visitors’ location to know where exactly your traffic is coming from.

Yoast SEO

Do you want to know whether your blog posts are good enough? Are they optimized for a better rank? Specifically for WordPress bloggers, Yoast SEO helps to examine your blog posts and suggests any improvements if there are required. Besides fixing your readability issues, Yoast SEO can come useful with advising you keyword density, title lengths, sitemaps, your blog’s technical details, and rankings.

In short, using SEO tools for blogging can give you an edge over your competitors as you will be able to grasp the current trends in a better manner and surpass your competitors quickly. Try these tools today and see the results for yourself!


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