Updating to WordPress 5.0, is it necessary?



From bloggers to binge-readers, WordPress is regarded as one of the most widely liked platforms for blog posting and sharing personalized experiences. Recently, the site has turned into a potentially fruitful and massive e-commerce platform. Keeping this phenomenal online growth in view, the developers are constantly on the hunt for enhancing the experience for users. An important part of these changes is the WordPress Updates.


Meet the Gutenberg Editor:

The release date for WordPress 5.0 just came out and we’re all a little surprised. After WhatsApp’s new update, this new change in WordPress is one of the hot topics for discussion nowadays. Not just introducing a completely new experience, WordPress has also landed with an entirely new page and post editor known as Gutenberg.

Given that the new version will bring major changes to the working environment, we want you to have a look at this detailed guide before updating to WordPress 5.0.

Why is WordPress bringing the new editor?

The WordPress team has been working on Gutenberg for quite some time now and they believe this new change may bring more flexibility and simplicity for users. People who are writing, designing and publishing web pages as part of their business will have a better experience as compared to the previous version. Gutenberg will be WordPress’s giant step towards creating online content.

When is the right time to update?

Decembers are usually busy with Yearend sales and stock closings. Therefore, it is best to wait until New Year to make a fresh start for your business’ working platform. We would suggest you update to newer WordPress in mid-January.

Are you ready for the Update?

Gutenberg will be a major change. But before you adopt this, you should know whether you are ready or not.

First of all, check if you have a testing environment, and whether your PHP version is updated or not. Moreover, we also recommend to first updating the testing platform so you could easily know if there are any compatibility issues. Then review all your old pages and posts to see if they don’t have any anomalies, else you’re good to go.

What is new in the Update?

How will your new working environment look like? Find out some of the features below:

New Editor

As mentioned earlier, WordPress 5.0 just introduced a new Gutenberg editor for editing, designing and publishing all your content and web pages.

The Block Concept

Gutenberg works through the concept of blocks. These will add the flexibility to drag and drop content wherever you want in the editor.

The Twenty Nineteen Theme

WordPress 5.0 will also have a new default theme called the Twenty Nineteen. This will have custom styles and colors for blocks by default so you can easily have a representation of what your post will look like at the user’s end.

How to update to the new WordPress 5.0?

After reading the basics, we hope you are certain whether the new update is necessary for you or not. If you have to make up your mind, find out how to begin updating.

Perform a Backup of all your Sites

Backup all your data files and sites just in case if you have to roll back the changes or there is any loss.

 Test 5.0 Beforehand

If possible, try to test the new editor in a staging environment so you are familiar with how things work.

Check with Themes and Shortcodes

Before updating, check if your current theme and shortcodes in pages and posts are compatible with WordPress 5.0.

Perform the Update

Press the Update button in your dashboard to perform the update. Also, remember to thoroughly examine all the functionality and sites prior to the update.

With the new WordPress 5.0 update, we can definitely expect some major improvements. However, we would advise you conduct a proper research and testing before heading into the updating part. Have you got any suggestions for the new update? Share in the comments below!


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