Weekends are meant to Lose Weight with these Tips



Are you struggling with setting up a weight loss regimen? Well, here is a good news for you i.e weekends. Weekends are a blessing. In between those tiring gym sessions, havoc office hours, or excruciating mid-week crises, let us admit that we have all desperately waited for the weekend! And in those two days, there is a long list of errands, each filled with bad options.

Maybe it is a college brunch, meeting your old friends for dinner, and partying all through the Saturday night or just planning on to hit the couch all day. We know how hard it gets to keep yourself motivated. However, a little break from the monotony calls for self-reflection and self-care.

Why choose weekends for weight loss?

Just as organized you are during the week, it is sometimes insanely opposite during the weekend. Your craving for that extra slice of pizza never goes away. Apart from the availability of free time, here are some other reasons as to why weekends are a good option for weight loss:

A break from chaos:

Weekends offer us an opportunity to cut out from the day to day stress and toxicity from your life by indulging in a healthy diet and physical activities.


Energy Restoration:

In fact, weekends give us the boost we need to sort our lives out for good. You can always start by developing a good habit on the weekend and establishing it in your daily routine as time progresses. As simple as it may seem to turn the weekend into your checkpoint towards success, it is a tricky business and requires a lot of determination.

Catching up on Self-care:

However, here’s how you can sort this out. Think of weekend like a superfluous tactic to catch up on all the self-care you missed out during the week. And by self-care, we mean some healthy pampering to help meet your workout goals while having all the fun you can. Read on below for some amazing weight loss tips for your weekends.

How to start?

To get rid of demotivated spirits and neglected self, here are a few tips which you can adopt on weekends to transform your life for good:

1.      Incorporate Physical Activities

Instead of hanging out on dinners, ponder on meeting your friends for a morning walk or a basketball game. You could also ride a bike or do gardening. This way you can both have fun and burn some extra fat while you are away from your workout routine.


2.      Switch to a Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, undoubtedly. Since you get more time on weekends, look up on healthy meals you can cook and activate yourself for the day. Once you are able to filter your healthy breakfast options successfully on weekends, you can consume them one time a day during weekdays.

3.      Carry Healthy Snacks when you go out

Saturdays are usually for shopping. For most people who like eating between meals, a portion of light snacks is a great option rather than stopping over at McDonalds or Starbucks every hour. A pack of nuts or dates, a sandwich made of almond butter and whole wheat bread, or some granola bars should be your go-to. You will be surprised at how quickly you lose weight once you cut off fast food from your diet.

4.      Do Home Chores

How about doing laundry or sorting your wardrobe? Keep yourself busy at home chores. Finish what you didn’t get to do throughout the week so you don’t feel lazy and the need to sleep around. The more you indulge in physical activities, the more are the chances for rapid weight loss.


5.      Do some Yoga

Working out at the gym may only involve cardio exercises and aerobics. Take some time off from your Sunday morning for a light yoga or stretch. Jazz it up with soothing music or have a friend join you over to make it more motivating! This routine will not only help you in relieving stress from your body but also recharge you from the core, so you can adopt healthy habits instead of binge-eating in stressful situations.

6.      Prepare for the coming week

Weekends are the perfect time to plan your week ahead. Learn some new exercises to try at the gym, prepare easy and healthy salad options, pre-cook proteins and low carb foods in large batches for work and dinners.


7.      Eat a little before events

Grab a quick protein meal before going out at parties. This is how you can avoid eating more than required calorie intake. Also, stay away from drinking sodas or sugary drinks or cocktails.

 Start from this Saturday!

From now on, start your weight loss regimen from Saturday instead of putting it of till next Monday and so on. Weight loss is a journey toward a beautiful destination, and that is a better you. Did we miss anything? Don’t forget to share it with us in comments!


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