What Automotive Innovations to Expect in 2019?


Automotive innovations have always been a sweet treat for supercars and car lovers. Be it the introduction of hybrid cars or advanced AI infotainment systems, the manufacturers have always focused on satiating the technology cravings of their customers. In the past two decades, the automotive industry has seen some major technological upgrades and new innovations keep on rolling in every day.

As we move forward, our expectations from technology and its ascendancy grow even bigger than they were a decade ago. Similar to its impacts in every other industry, technological advancements also continue to evolve the automotive business since its inception. This coming 2019, automakers believe, that connectivity, VR experience, AI upgradeselectrification, and autonomy will make more noise as compared to its preceding year.

Here are some innovative features and exciting car news that you can expect from the automotive industry:

In-Car Virtual Reality Experience

Car giant Audi, while collaborating with Disney recently announced its breakthrough venture of in-car entertainment. They have planned to synchronize lateral, forward and backward movements of the car with virtual reality to enhance the ride for rear passengers.

Electric Two-Wheelers

HarleyDavidson, the well-known electric motor company have landed with their first electric motors for 2019. Called the LiveWire, this two-wheeler uses a lithium-ion battery that holds battery for a range of 110 miles. Not just that, you can also connect the motor with an app to monitor the charging process.

Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai has unveiled their mesmerizing car design for 2019 and the years to come. The Elevate, which is a half car and half robot, is a van-like automobile that helps you travel on rough and rugged terrains. Though it feels like a normal car, the autonomous technology makes it walk, take giant steps or even climb mountains.

Electric Shuttles

Recently at the CES 2019 at Las Vegas, German manufacturer Bosch presented their idea of Electric Shuttles. They believe that the concept of driverless, shared rides will bring more options to the public and save fuel consumption too.

Depicting Human Emotions in your Car

Have you heard of a car that understands how you feel on a particular day? Well, your new car just might. This innovation by KIA is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that understands how you are feeling, how your mood is, and then adjusts the car’s systems accordingly, such as temperature, lighting, music and car speed.

Use of Alternative Fuels

It is not just about the typical gas and diesel anymore. Companies have up with hydrogen, water, solar and biofuel replacements for a secure and greener environment.


Collision Protection Systems

Toyota has come up with the latest safety system to prevent or lessen car accidents on roads. Collision avoidance technology automatically stops the vehicle if it senses another car nearby. The company have completed a successful Test Run and now beginning to deploy it in all vehicles, which will be made in 2019.

Connected Cars

With the increasing use of smart technologies, users will have the advantage to stay connected with their cars through their smartphones. From trackers, to face locks, there is a lot more in store for us.

Self-Driving Cars

In 2019, we’ll see more of self-driving cars to make driving less of a hassle for passengers. With the use of cameras and sensors, the car systems in the future will find it easier to gather data from roads and its surroundings to drive safely. This would mean lesser accidents, decreased traffic and an overall increase in efficiency and convenience.

Are you thrilled by the news of these upcoming automotive innovations? Share your opinions in the comments section below!


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