What is Zero Waste lifestyle? Is it practical?


A zero waste lifestyle is a process where you gradually reduce the number of resources you consume and trash away. It is done not just for the sake of saving money but also protecting the environment in a way where you don’t have to discard resources that can later be reused. We redefine the system and transform the cycle by reusing as much as we can.

Zero Waste lifestyle is much different than recycling as it is a waste elimination process rather than the waste reduction nature of the later. Here is how you can enter this lifestyle:

What happens when you waste Trash?

Most of us are usually in a habit of buying disposable products that we throw away right after using. It is more of rotation. You make use of resources and dump them back into the ground. According to a survey, the USA only sends 4.4 pounds of waste to the landfill every single day.

This isn’t as healthy and environmentally friendly. The trash dumped from our homes goes straight into the land emitting methane and C02 into the air. It also leaches inside the soil and swirls into the seas. Plastic and non-biodegradable wastes then eventually end up in oceans disrupting the marine life as well.

Should we be recycling everything We Use?

So what should you be doing? Recycling? Well, that is not the solution. Firstly, you cannot recycle plastic and secondly, it is too much to process all at once. That might just cost you a double.

Despite how effective recycling is, it should always be your last priority. Focus more on reducing and reusing. Obviously, you don’t need everything you think you’ll ‘need’. Try to give a good thought over what is actually necessary. Be it your everyday items, grocery, kitchenware or sanitation. By reducing your spending, you’ll eventually have fewer things to trash out.

How to start living a Zero Waste Lifestyle?

Find out some valuable tips to get started:


Keep an extra basket labelled for composting in both your bathroom and kitchen. You can collect fruit and vegetable skins, eggshells, coffee wastes, tea bags, tealeaves, used napkins and paper towels, matches, hair, nail clippings and cotton balls etc.

Buy Reusable Items

Choose reusable instead of disposable items. It may be a big change but start small. Start by replacing little items from your daily use.

Avoid Plastic Goods

When you go shopping, look for what packaging each item has. Try to buy the ones made from wood, stainless steel and glass so they can be reused.

Carry Your Own

A great step to avoid causing more trash is to carry your own packaging/bags. For instance, take your own clothing bag when you go grocery shopping or your own refillable mug when you go to a coffee shop. Also, you can stop ordering straws when you buy drinks. Moreover, pack your own lunch from home so you don’t have to get a parcel during your office lunch break.

Will it happen overnight?

No, it won’t. It might take a year or two to fully embed in the zero waste lifestyle. Remember that restoring earth to its actual green levels is a challenging task. Although it may look like a single person’s efforts cannot make a huge impact on Earth’s quality, it is important to bear in mind the fact that it is still making a difference for others. Even a slight contribution towards a greener Earth is a great step. We laud your efforts!

Zero Waste lifestyle is one of the most hyped ways of waste elimination in the modern world. If this lifestyle is followed in all its entirety, we have good chances of creating a waste-free, sustainable Earth to a great extent.


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