What Questions to Ask When Hiring a New CTO?


Every companies C-suite determines the direction in which it will grow. The C-suite personnel decides whether a startup or enterprise will continue to prosper or will it dwindle to non-existence. In past, the ranges of C-suite positions were limited and only a handful of chiefs could do the job of managing everything inside the company. However, with the introduction of prospects, organizations NEED to hire relevant C-suite personnel and CTO is one of them.

Who is a CTO?

CTO or Chief Technology Officer is one position in a tech company that just can’t be taken lightly. It is about someone who would not only single-handedly manage the technology department but also bring his own experience in a plethora of projects, business strategies, and technical facets. His leadership and communication skills should contribute to the company’s growth and progress. When hiring a person for this key position, every business owner needs to go through certain tactics so they can save thousands of dollars just in case if the decisions go wrong.

To make your life easier, we compiled a list of questions to ask your potential candidate before hiring them as your new CTO:

How do you weigh your success?

Every candidate sees success at a different level. Their vision and idea of leading the tech department should go hand in hand with the company.

What brings you here?

At times, interviews are not just technical. Instead, they include questions from both personal and professional life to judge a person’s way of dealing with situations. Ask about the candidate’s past experience, and what brought them here.

What five words that describe your Personality?

This question gives you a direct judgment of the applicant’s mindset. It is obvious that a person’s personality is way more than five words. The words he’ll pick will speak volumes about his character and personality.

Where do you see the Technology in the coming years?

As a CTO, it is important to know his views regarding the upsurge in technology. If you are hiring someone for a managing post, you are obviously expecting them to stay for the long term. Whereas, in the coming years, there would be fluctuation in trends in technology so his vision matters the most to the company.

What Book(s) are you reading currently?

Quite away from the topic but the books they read or are currently reading tells a lot about who they follow and aspire to become in the future.

What do you know about the company?

How well the candidate can sum up about the company shows how much they have researched or how serious they are about the position.

What is the Most Challenging Project you have worked on in your Career? What was your role in it?

Challenges make the most out of a person. Observe how they describe the situation, problem that raised and what they did to tackle it. In addition, check their approach to solving problems. Do they break it down in parts or confront all at once?

What will be your Approach in Managing Projects and Multiple Teams simultaneously?

A large number of people are bad at managing the bulk of the workload. If they take too much stress, the work quality eventually deteriorates. You should be looking for someone who is calm, has strong leadership skills, and handles pressure well. In addition, he should also be finding ways to motivate his team through thick and thin. That is what a leader is required to do!

In short, interviews hold a crucial position in the process of hiring a suitable CTO and you must decide which questions to ask and what to evaluate in the applicant beforehand. Only hire people who are able to offer satisfactory answers to most of your questions instead of trusting applications only.




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