What to do with a Flat Tyre?


Vehicles, like all the lifelong utilities, requires periodic maintenance. From fuel change and car waxing to car wash and fixing flat tyres, vehicles demand care and maintenance from time to time. Flat tyres are probably one of those maintenance issues which require quick repairs.

For most of us, seeing a flat tyre in the middle of a traffic jam is the worst thing that could ever happen. If you are a new driver suck on the road with a flat tyre, this situation could possibly freak you out considering the pressure to your steering during the traffic jam. Although new drivers have it worse, a flat tyre is something which can intimidate even some of the best, professional drivers. The question is, how can you deal with a flat tyre without freaking out? Here’s a little guide on what to do when you notice a flat tyre, how to repair it, and how to avoid something similar in future.

Compose Yourself!

Seeing a flat tyre while you’re driving can cause panic. There is no denying the lack of tolerance which hasty drivers contain in themselves. The pressure of staying on the move and the fear of road rages are two of the most common causes which can cause panic about a flat tyre on the road.

Flat tyre amidst traffic:

Instead of losing your cool, try to relax and apprehend the situation. Take a quick look at your surroundings and quickly list down all the things which you need to do in order to fix it.

  • If you are in the middle of the road, gradually pull over to a no-traffic zone.
  • Don’t press the brakes too hard and
  • Turn your vehicle’s indicator lights on.


 Flat Tyre of Parked Vehicle:

On the other hand, if you notice a flat tyre when your vehicle is parked, examine your car to see if there are any sharp objects in the wheel and then call for a mechanic.

Where to Pull Over?

Obviously, you can’t just stand on the road blocking the way for the other vehicles just because you have a flat tyre. Try to move on the side of the road where the traffic speed is low. Push the vehicle if you need to but make sure you reach a safe place away from the busy road.

If you see a petrol pump nearby, head over there, else move to a safe zone where you can park and change the tyre. Remember not to end up in a lonely area where there is a chance for a danger especially for women when they are alone.

Must Have Items in the Trunk

To tackle a situation like this, you must have a spare tyre in your trunk. Other than a spare tyre, you must have the following items in the trunk of your vehicle at all times:

  • A repair kit including all the tools
  • A can of sealant
  • An inflator for pumping the air.
  • You will also need a jack for lifting the car and
  • A pair of nuts just in case.

If for some reason, you don’t have the repair kit, call a friend or someone from family for help.

How to Repair the Flat Tyre?

Repairing a flat tyre is an easy job which does not involve any complexities or technicalities. All you need to do is replace a flat tyre with a good, spare tyre which you carried along with you. In order to repair the flat tyre on your own, get into a position to change the tyre and follow the steps below:


1.    Safety preparation

Flat tyre repairs demand to elevate the vehicle from the ground level which is an unsafe condition for passengers and passers-by. In order to ensure the safety of everyone and the vehicle, do this:

  • Remove everyone sitting in the car
  • Apply the handbrakes.

2.    Find the puncture

Flat tyre occurs when the tyre is low on air. You can use a pressure gauge or a barometer to determine the air pressure inside the tyre.

The low air problem can be remedied by air refills from a nearby petrol pump or a portable inflator. However, if you discover any nail or hole in the wheel, the tyre will have to be changed with the spare tyre.


3.    Use the Repair Kit

The repair kit is a life saver for flat tyre repairs. Here is how you will be using it:

  • Remove the tyre valve and squeeze all of the sealant into the tyre.
  • The sealant will help make the tyre airtight and prevent it from moving out.
  • You may have to push the car slightly forward so the sealant evenly spreads throughout the tyre.
  • Next, attach the compressor to the valve and plug it to the socket inside your car.
  • If you have trouble performing this step, read the instructions in the handbook present in the repair kit.

4.    Pumping the Tyre

Once the repair kit is set in place, it is time to start pumping air in the tyre.

  • Start the engine on neutral gear and switch on the compressor.
  • This will fill the tyre with enough air.
  • Once done, drive home or to the nearest gas station to get the tyre

CAUTION: The inflated tyre may not last for a long time.  It is in your best interest to get it replaces the instant you see a nearby filling station.


Straightforward Repair!

Flat tyres can often be bones of content among drivers and passengers stuck in a traffic jam. However, with the help of a few simple steps, you can fix this problem and get back on the road within a matter of minutes!


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