WhatsApp to Upgrade Chat Privacy and User Security with App Lock


10 years since its release, the famous Facebook-owned chatting facility WhatsApp has now become one of the top messaging apps in the world. In addition to its cost-free text messages, the app developers introduced audio and video calls to make lives even easier. With the passage of time, each update brought more features, additional security and convenient chat options to make the app more usable than others did. However, the user concerns regarding the privacy and security of messages shared via this app still remains a matter of conflict among the experts.

Chat Encryption:

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the end-to-end chat encryption in order to answer the concerns related to the app’s privacy. Although this step was good enough to settle down the agitated users, the technology still wasn’t enough to keep external intruders at bay.

The need for the new update:

Android users made use of third-party app locks in order to keep the people from reaching inside the app without any authorization. However, this was not the case with iPhones because of Apple’s reinforced app privacy and security standards. This situation called for a solid solution which has been recently launched by the owners of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s New App-lock Update

According to a new update, WhatsApp recently decided to add a superfluous layer of security to its users’ private conversations. Users will now be able to lock their apps with either a Face ID or Touch ID to prevent any misuse of their conversations. However, to keep note, this feature will only be available to iOS users for now.

How to Enable the New Upgrade?

Over the years, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the industry, facial recognition and voice recognition software have proved to be very useful in terms of user security and safe application browsing. WhatsApp, for a similar reason, has also introduced App Lock for users with support of iOS and biometric authentication.

Update your device:

To enable the Upgrade, you’ll have to update your app to the latest 2.19.20 version, from the iOS App Store.

Enable the feature:

Then, go to the ‘Settings’ option on your Phone, then click on ‘Account’ and then to ‘Privacy’ where you can switch the ‘Screen Lock’ mode on. You can then set a picture for your Face ID, which you can later use for opening WhatsApp whenever you want.


Although Users will still be able to view their call or text notifications and choose to reply through their notification panel, for accessing the full app, they will have to authorize the Face Lock feature.

It means that your friends, family or any of the unauthorized personnel will not be able to reach to your in-app chat because of the added layer of security. Users have certainly found relief in this app-lock feature as there was no such feature available for WhatsApp on iOS.

Available for iOS users currently:

According to WhatsApp, the update, for now, is only for iOS users whereas the log hasn’t mentioned of any other features for now. The description for the latest version 2.19.20 in the update log clearly says:

Future Updates

There isn’t much in the news for now but in reference to a previous headline, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that all his apps, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram would be combined into a safer and much secure merger called iMessage.

Although the idea of a combined app may sound annoying to many, it would be premature to speculate anything about it for now. Right now, it is just the news that is circulating around; we will update you guys more on any official announcements to come.



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