Will Networking help Bloggers?


As they say, ‘no good can ever be achieved alone’.  In a world where social media is proliferating like never before, we also witness a huge chunk of bloggers and influencers emerging from every part of the sphere. Besides free platforms and space for everyone, there is strong competition for each participant in order to stand out too. In situations like these, networking plays a crucial role to silence the chaos prevailing in the online world of bloggers. Whether it is a small problem in the site development or the debate on whether to update to the latest WordPress version or not, networking allows bloggers to agree upon a singular voice and lets them enjoy mutual benefits.

The Role of the Audience:

Talking from a blogger’s perspective, the most important root to their success is the audience. If they don’t pay you the required attention, trust me, you’re no good. Other than all your marketing techniques, promotion games and SEO tactics, we believe what can put you in the driving seat are some kickass networking skills. The need to support your blogging fellows, appreciate what they do and receive the same from their end are some things that may count as important.

Find out ways on how networking can help you on the road to blogging:

Be Each Other’s Support System

We know blogging is a one-man effort. That is why it is hard to find time for it sometimes, and even harder to stay consistent and motivated. You need people from the same field to support you and share your ups and downs with. Of course, you have family and friends, but they won’t understand you better than your fellow bloggers do. In such situations, a reinforced networking platform is enough to pull you out of the rut of discouragement and despair.

Solve Problems Together

The world of blogging is crazy. And for many newcomers, it tends to get difficult to find their right audience or feature above the rankings. Therefore, when you network with other people who share the same issues, it gets easier to understand what is going on. In addition, you can also take guidance from bloggers who are far more experienced than you are.

Share Posts

When you communicate with bloggers working on the same genre as you are, you are more likely to share each other’s posts as well. Guest posting is fun but it becomes a useful asset for growing your blog when you have friends to do it for you.

Blogging Can Get Lonely Sometimes

Since blogging is a solitary profession, it may make you lonely sometimes. From planning your business alone to managing everything on your end, there is a sometimes a lot to manage for an individual. Therefore, making blogger friends can help you interact more with people since you’ll always have someone to go to events with, and also have a shoulder to share the same work frustrations and drama with.

You can work on Projects together

We understand how you have to try new ways to indulge with your audience and come up with ideas every now and then. Sometimes it is a big struggle. You have distractions such as being stuck in a creative block or getting too occupied with life. However, good and healthy networking is great for brainstorming ideas together, trying new initiatives, giveaways and projects, which you know you cannot manage alone.

So, in short, if you’re also looking to turn your passion into a business, surround yourself with people who also share the same hobbies and will be ready to lift you and push you to your limits!

What do you expect from a blogging network? Share your views in the comments below!


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