Write down These Things on Resume to get That Dream Job


We know that job hunting could be an absolute nightmare. Whether you have graduated or are looking for an ideal career switch, finding a job is one of the most challenging things to do in life.

Admit it, we’ve all dreamt about working at a certain position all our college life. Now, years later, you have finally got the chance to apply for it. It is a rush of emotions and there is no chance of any possible mistake. It may seem hard to know where to begin with, but don’t worry we’ve got you all covered.

The Importance of a Good Resume:

Just as your personality is actually a reflection of your perceptions, your resume is a representation of your skills. Since the interview is all about selling yourself in person, the resume does the job of creating your first impression. At the beginning of your new professional life, it is extremely important to leave strong impressions on hiring committees.

A resume is a standardized way of presenting yourself textually in front of other. Now, you may be wondering how exactly a piece of paper can do it for you? Luckily, it is somewhat impossible to put down all your traits on a single piece of paper. Read on below to find out what your killer resume should look like:

Select a Layout

A good resume should have all its contents laid out in an organized manner. Layouts not only create a visual appeal but also represent how organized you are about your ambitions and skills. Select a suitable layout for your resume, firstly. You can either go for a template or look for professional resumes on the internet according to your career.


Define Your Objective

The first line of your resume holds the most weight. Actually, it highlights your objective statement. Take a day or two and think of a brief, to-the-point one-liner that perfectly describes what position you are applying for. Many people think it is not necessary but, an objective statement, if done well, can make your CV stand out from others.

Add Education

Once you have defined your objective, it is time to list your education. Start from the most recent degree you got, move on to college and then write down schooling- all of it in a descending order. If you have space on the page, mention your relevant courses and GPA (only if it is over 3.0).


Share your Experience

If this is your first job, then write about the societies and memberships you have been a part of, any social work you did in college. If you are looking to switch your current job, mention your working experience. Remember to write only the ones that relate to the existing profession. Your experience should describe what you learned and how it shaped you as a person you are right now. In case of switching your job, it is best not to mention the reasons for leaving your previous job as it leaves a bad impression.

Define your Skill Set

Finally, list down all your professional skills. Focus on the ones that are useful to the job you have applied for. Be honest and do not add anything you can’t deliver.


Quick Tips:

  • Keep your Resume restricted to one page only
  • Add links to your social media, LinkedIn, GitHub for extra points
  • Contact Info (Name, email, Phone) should be at the top of the page
  • Keep a professional font
  • Use different font sizes, bold words to highlight anything that you believe is important
  • Use good keywords
  • Don’t overdo it with a lot of text
  • Use one language in the entire document
  • Add an extra column for achievements and personal interests that pertain to the job
  • Edit two to three times
  • Take constructive feedback from colleagues and mentors


Take it Seriously!

All in all, a great resume is the promise of your dream job. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and hiring committee in order to understand exactly what you need to add in your resume and in what manner you should do it. In professional life, resume and CV creating skills (when mastered) can take you to such professional heights which you have only imagined about!



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